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Your Opinion On Dumbbell Flyes?

What’s everyones view on Dumbell Flyes for chest hypertrophy?

my oppinion is stick with compound exersizes

I like dumbell flies. I use them at the end of my workout to just trash my chest. It gives me a extreme pump and burn.

I used to do them until my shoulder became injured. M.D. told me to knock off the flies. They may be o.k. for a pump, but not for developing strength.

I don’t do them. I prefer wide/deep dumbell presses. Easier on the shoulders, can use more weight and get just as good a stretch.

i train chest twice a week, one is my heavy pressing day, the other is done at the end of shoulder day and is just fly movements and i have to say the results have been great, just my two cents…

I think as a finisher they are OK. add in a band and you get better tension through full ROM.

I know CT hates them due to their extremely short time under tension. I feel the same, and do all my flies on a cable crossover machine, which provides tension through the whole ROM.

Have experienced pain in my shoulders (prior problems there) the few times I have done em. Consensus seems to be they do little for strength too, though I realize that wasn’t your question.

Waste of time.

Have never hit the right groove with them, only exercise that caused pain in my shoulders, tried different angles, weights and ROM but to no avail, this movement does not suit my structure.

I stick to compound exercises for my chest then finish them out with some flyes.

I have been doing decline flys and presses. Really have noticed my tittys responding…

Chicks have tits…

I really tried to give flys their day in court, but after 2 workouts including them…I ended up on 500mg naproxen for a 1 1/2 months do deal with the inflamed tendons it gave me.

Think I’ll pass on these thanks.