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An article on cutting would be great

Yea, a program to get ripped, and hard and dense for summer.

hmmm after much deliberation, lacrosse specific programs wont be too popular; having my security blanket pissed on by Barr in that interview was great, id love some of that with lots of detail but i guess your getting him to write on that stuff anyway soooo…
yer, i wanna see a

fat loss training schedule Big Chaddy Stylee

maybe with an emphasis on pecs but thats just me (id ask for one that you could vary the priority muscle group but id be scared if it was too complicated to grasp in the first 8 times i read it id give up :P)


i’m training for a race which includes running, biking, paddling and some other general strength requiring activities (possibly lifting other teammates, ropes course, climbing etc.). i would love to know how to be in the best shape for endurance exercise such as this, while not losing the muscles i work so hard for. might not be possible…but i can hope and try!

I’d like to see a program that would prepare people for work, both people who work loading 18-wheelers, firemen and policemen. A program with a lot of gpp and some weak link weightlifting.

First choice would be a strongman type program with a focus on equipment at the average gym.

Second choice: cutting program.

After reading some of the other posts…

Strongman type training at a regular gym. That would be some killer info to get your spin on.

I would love to see a CW style cutting program.

i remember reading something about you being a basketball player as a youngster, so how about a program geared towards strength and explosiveness on the court? it could be position specific or just a “general strength&conditioning” program.
thanks for your time

gonna have to go w/ the gpp stuff, as that’ll help me most w/ rugby after CT’s athletic pendulum article comes out.

basketball/football specific workouts.

GPP for strenth training (no sled westside stuff though, Dave Tate has covered that already)

shredded, big and hard

Basketball related workouts.

And if possible please address Preworkout and pregame nutrition.

Weight loss, including a simple diet etc (obviously while trying to maintain as much muscle as possibly), but for people like me and 90% of the people out there (other than t-maggers) that do not spend hundreds of bucks on supplements. Also, please do not include exercises like the waterbury walk (only due to lack of room) as most chain gyms do not have room to perform these. Hopefully you can also keep out of the program band and chains etc. I do not mean any of this to sound critical in anyway. It is just that you asked what I would like, and what I would like is a weight loss program that doesn’t include having to buy special supplements, and having to move to another gym to train. Thanks.

First choice; MMA/NHB fight conditioning and strength training
2nd: Boxing program
3rd: Firefighter entry physical exam prep training

This isn’t realy an article, but I’d like to see a sample diet from you on a training and non-training day.

I would love to see a full routine on how you can condition the body to be prepared without a warmup (I’m in physical therapy graduate school, so it would help me alot the more details you add in, especially from that perspective). Also, helping out mma fighters and submission grapplers would be super!

I think that since this is a bodybuilding magazine, there’s enough articles on bulking, and cutting. Just take one of the three meltdown training programs, or the High octane cardio. This also has its good share of powerlifting articles. I haven’t seen any articles on sports though.

I think that would be the best. Once again, my vote is competition-oriented martial arts. Obviously won’t win, as the obvious choice is cutting, but I hope you ask this question again in the future.

Thanks for your time.

i want more of your crazy exercises for arms, like rope pulls and dips (ok dips werent crazy but they work good)