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Most of the articles I’ve read by coaches deal with young athletes. For me, and I assume most of the folks on this forum, weighlifting is a lifetime commitment, not just something you do when your young. I would like to see an article that addresses the aging athlete (like myself). How to deal with old injuries, prevent new ones and to keep making progress. For women, it’s even harder as we have a major hormonal changes as we approach fifty. (All you young guys don’t know what it’s like to hit that wall). Let’s see something aimed toward the “mature athlete”.

I agree: shredded and hard.

Just a note for those of you requesting an article about GPP-If you haven’t already, you’d do well to check out coach waterbury’s old article entitled, if I’m not mistaken ‘Outlaw Strength and Conditioning’…

For my part, I love reading Coach Waterbury’s stuff and would enjoy seeing something geared towards strongman…

Gotta go with a fat loss program here too. Thanks!

How about an article that identifies the best methods and exercises to correct muscle imbalances. It would be nice to have a bag of tricks for any given muscle.

Its not always straightforward to the less experienced. I inadvertantly created a triceps imbalance by attempting to correct a pec imbalance using a compound movement (unilateral DB BP).

P.S. CW, thanks for all the great T-mag contributions!

an article on strongman training would be soooo cool.

An article on targeted overtraining-wait I think there already is one.

So, I’ll go with GPP and any kind of conditioning.

I vote for military/spec.ops/police.
For me it’s always been rather difficult to balance the cardio and weights.

Thanks for taking the time to ask!

Semper Fi

I’m with gumnutza a Highland game/track and field/ strongman program would be really interesting. Thanks for all your contributions in the past, very informative and insightful.

I have always been curious on your approach to leaning out. Cardio versus weights. I wouldn’t mind another specialization program like a sequel to Volumes of strength with some updated parameters. Like the absolute best way to increase your max in the squat.

An article on cutting up and keeping size Waterbury style.

A beach prep program would be awesome.
Thanks, your the man.

My vote is for an article on strongman training. Although I don’t compete in strongman, I am interested in developing strength-endurance, and strongman events demand a ton of both qualities. I think this would also fit the bill for some of the T-Folk requesting an article on getting shredded. IMHO, strength-endurance training + watching your diet = shredded body.

Second choice would be spec ops training (again, not in spec ops) since I think it would also cover some of the strength-endurance issues.

I would like to see an article on a training program for firemen. Our job has many different demands on strength and agility, I would like to get your input.

I’m all for ripped and hard.

Hey for all you Fire, LE and military guys, I do have a site, but I don’t think I can post it here with forum rules and all, but if you IM me I’ll give it to ya. I have some good basic stuff. I work on it constantly, any input you have is appreciated of course.

I was hoping Chad could provide some input, he seems to have a better clue than most. I haven’t really met someone “outside the circle” that had a clue what we really do, so that’s why I created the site.

Train Hard, Fight Easy


Maybe something on bodybuilding contest prep something like the 7 day program for leans that was written before just more contest specific.

Something on Strongman Training would be awesome…

much obliged

I vote for a military training article. If I want to see how to get ripped for summer I’ll read one of the many articles on this topic already on this site.

Great idea, btw.

i wouldnt mind seeing your gpp stuff…i am always looking for new gpp ideas and i would love to see what you do with your athletes…bm