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Your Opinion : creatine

Yes, this post is about creatine. Sorry guys i know you get enough of this. I have been using this MET-RX creatine AC and getting nothing. Am i the 1 in 5 or is this just shitty stuff. I was wondering what works best for everybody else. I am going out to get some new stuff in hopes i am one of the 4 in 5. Please help!

I don’t know, bud. I bought a cheap-ass tub of creatine ($20 for 650g). I’m following consummation instructions and I’ve put on about 3 pounds in 2 weeks. Since you’re using higher quality creatine, you should get more progress…Try following these guidelines:

  1. Drink a lot of water (this will save the kidneys as well)
  2. Mix in the creatine in warm liquid. This makes it dissolve better into the liquid and hence is better absorbed
  3. Consume it with sugar. It doesn’t matter what kind of sugar. Ideally you could blend it into some oranges (with a blender that is). The triggered insulin release will make your body absorb the creatine.
  4. I’m not clear on this point, but you might want to try consuming 10g per day (as opposed to 5g) for about a week, as this will load your muscles up with creatine. Make sure to consume it in two dosages, spread out over time.

Hope this helps!

Oh and I’m hoping that the creatine you bought is “100% pure creatine monohydrate”

order some creatine or get something witht the creapure symbol. i think it’s good stuff. i used to get intestinal problems from creatine and did not use it for years. i just started using prolab creatine this year. about $25 for a kilogram and the stuff is wonderful only because it does not bother me. Also i only take creatine in my workout shake and i don’t take it every day. i eat a lot of red meat so i feel i don’t need to overload my muscles. proper nutrition and hydration is important. laters pk

What do you expect from the creatine? Most people just expect too much from supplements. I hear it every day. Some young kid comes in and says " that creatine stuff didn’t do anything for me". Then when i ask if them if they gained any wait they reply with “I only gained like 8-10lbs” do you have something better. Creatine is a great product but it doesn’t make up for not eating. If you’re looking to make gains then you’ve simply got to eat. Creatine will help but it’s something that i believe one should take for around 3months to get the full benefit of, the increased energy levels, increased recovery, and to keep extra fluids in your muscle.
Just stick with the creatine and try counting your calories for a couple of days. You’ll more than likely be surprised at the low # of calories you’re consuming. There are great # of articles on this website. Chech out the previous issues. Everything you need to know is here.

I think that everyone (especially skinny guys) need to remember that most of the weight gain is water retention in the muscles. If you don’t have that much muscle, you aren’t going to retain as much water, and therefore there wont be as much weight gain.

me and creatine 1st time) no results 2nd)good results 3rd) none. weird. goin for the 4th soon

I don’t know if it makes any difference, but I don’t believe Met-rx has manufactured creatine AC in about 2 years, which means the stuff you are taking may be expired. I bet you bought this stuff on ebay because that’s the only place I see it anymore. I think creatine has a pretty long shelf life, but maybe this stuff just isn’t good anymore due to age. Check the expiration date. It was supposed to be Met-rx’s version of Cell-tech, but I guess it never caught on. If I remember correctly, I think it has even more sugar per serving than Cell-tech (which isn’t a good thing) and twice the ALA.

Also bear in mind that Creatine can take upto 2 weeks to kick in.