Your Opinion about Lifting Natty vs Juiced

i actually know what this company gives from my uncle. For an athlete that doesnt have a famous name they give some clothes and 5 supplements of their choice (per sponsored month) so i can save some money from that and come on free clothes? I can cooperate with that.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

You plan on takin steroids so you get a few free shirts and some free $10 creatine and $20 protien powder

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No lol i want to get into classic physique. I said this is how i am going to save some money damn please dont miss the whole point of these threads
Getting free stuff from posting some pics in my social medias that easy

Have you done a show before? How did you place?
How do you know that you’ll be guaranteed a sponsorship or pro card?

placed second in a show at athens ages 17-18 but i dont even think about it because the show was a joke for real i dont even give credits at myself.

About the sponsorship dude i told you…my uncleee he will hook me up he is like in the higher position in the supplement company.
About the pro card i dont know it. My body has great symmetry i have like a super small waist that makes my lats look huge (illusion but still gives huge advantage in shows) and i am a person with huge confidence so i believe that i can do it. ( about the symmetry in my body everyone says that for real even the gym coaches which they were bbs in Greece)

And yes i know that i might fail and i might never win the card and who knows my uncle might get fired from his job my gf broke up with me so i have to pay the house myself. Yes i know that everything might happen but if you dont risk you aint gonna make your dreams real

I think you’re missing the point, lol. The point being that a sponsorship that just pays for supplements is basically a joke.

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The point is that i ll get some pics per month (0 effort) and i will save some money from something that i would buy anyway so i dont see what is the problem. I dont ask for money, i dont need money.

I don’t think you thought this through enough. Your uncle’s basically going to use his position to get you free T-Shirts and Supplements :lol:

You don’t know if you’ll be successful at all in this sport, other than a local show that you say yourself was a joke. :notsureif:

Bodybuilding doesn’t pay that well, and you might wanna look up Kai Greene’s grapefruit video to see the measures these guys are taking for $$$

Do you even read what i say?
“Also i believe that after some time i ll be sponsored from a greek supplement company here since my uncle works for them and he can HOOK ME UP.”
Thats exactly what i told you.

Can i know it before i try? Did phil heath knew he will be? Did Breon? Did Chris? Did Jeremy?You cant know before you try. So telling me not do something just because i might fail…then i am so sorry but you will not go far in life.

Let me worry about money its not your concern

Yeah they probably all did and succeeded in local shows. Phil Heath was a high level athlete before going into bodybuilding. I’m telling you not to juice, I’m not telling you not to compete in bodybuilding shows because “you might fail”.

You also will not go far in life expecting handouts from your uncle.You also won’t go far in bodybuilding without understanding elementary basics like training and diet.



I like that 12th one though… that’s where all the magic happens.

Have you looked at the ingredients labels on juice bottles lately? They are nothing but sugar and crap. If I had to choose one, it most def would be Hi-C. OR maybe some of the vegetable juices. Naturally squeezed juices are the best. Smoothies are good too.

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What about that part between the 12th and the 13th rep. You know rep # 12.47382828177 and you’re like “agh this extra 0.000000001th of a rep is opening up anabolic windows” and then you wake up the next day and BAM, you’re Ronnie Coleman

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EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. That’s exactly how time under tension works.