Your Opinion about Lifting Natty vs Juiced

How many sets/reps should a juiced lifter aim for and how much should a natty? (Depending on the muscle group)
Who should lift heavy and who shouldnt when the goal is muscle growth?

Depends entirely on the individual.

Everybody should be trying to get stronger, but “heavy” is a relative term.

Not trying to be deliberately vague, but it’s impossible to be any more specific with the answers to these questions.

If building muscle is the goal, everyone, natural or enhanced, should train hard and heavy and push themselves hard. Period. I do believe enhanced lifters can get away with more frequency and more volume due to enhanced recovery, but I think people put to much emphasis on this aspect. Just train hard.
JUiced or not, push yourself, aim for some sort of progressive over load, eat correctly, and you will grow.

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Probably something you shoulda researched before getting on the juice.

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Probably thats what i am doing right now.

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Probably too late

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Thanks for actually answering. I am sure that i will have to change my workout when i get into juice. I have read some articles and they say that for chest workout for example you dont need to do more than 15setsbecause you might overtrain(natty lifters) i dont know if thats true tho. Can you overtrain while on juice?

Probably i havent started my cycle yet? so i dont know what you even trying to point out. You just look like an idiot. You are more than welcome to give me your opinion in this matter but you just trying to be smart when you are not

I know better than not to juice at the tender age of 19

It doesn’t seem like you’ve gotten your homework ready before taking these kinda measures, even if you’re not already on your cycle yet. But wasn’t there a thread where you were?

You don’t even know how to eat right for training, or what good rep ranges are. How do you expect you optimize your investment of PEDs?

I am mentally ready to get steroids. I am ready to take them without regrets since i know what my goals are never said that i know how to perfectly train or how to perfectly diet. This is literally what i fucking try to do right now but you are no help at all.
I might not have knowledge right now but thank God i have some money to hire a couch for the next year IF i will not be able to figure out how to perfectly diet and lift.

I recommend buying, rather than leasing, furniture. If you end up damaging your couch, you’re going to be responsible for additional fees when it’s time to return the couch. You’re much better off buying a nice, durable couch, and keeping it for 5-10 years, if not more. You can always get it re-upholstered to keep up with changing trends and such. or if the upholstery just wears out.

Just my 2 cents, man. I don’t know why you’re asking about furniture on T-Nation, maybe it should go in the off-topic section? Congrats on becoming an adult though! A couch was the first thing I bought for my very first apartment. I already had a bed, but no living room furniture. I bought a couch, and just put my tv on cinder blocks. It was a great set-up.


You’re not mentally ready because you haven’t put enough training time otherwise you’d already have this knowledge. You should probably hire a coach and consult with a nutritionist before dropping money on a steroid bill. Does your doctor think you’re mentally ready?

Do you know how much enhanced athletes spend annually? Do you expect to cover that on a lifeguard wage? Hiring a coach now and putting off drug use would be a MUCH better investment.

I remember when I moved into my first 1BR, I had no furniture in my living room. I’d bring girls back and they’d think it was a bando. I put two folding chairs together once and called it a “love seat” and this girl told me “Theres no love in that seat”

Funniest part was I had a decent desk/bed and a nice car, but my living room made me look broke.

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I think what he is trying to point out, and is the general consensus between experienced lifters/users here, is that if you have not mastered the simple aspects of bodybuilding(how to train, how to diet), then you are not ready to use gear. Gear is for the advanced experienced body builder and it takes a high degree of knowledge on the subject to do it correctly and safely. Also, gear will not do what you want it to if you do not have the other aspects (training and diet) finely tuned and in check. No one here is trying to be harsh or disrespect you, so there is no need for name calling or a disrespectful tone. We are all here to help. As far as what you have read about sets/reps for a natural vs enhanced, that is one opinion. There are many successful natural pros who train each body part 20+ sets. Where as there are many successful enhanced pros who train each body part with 8 sets per week. Everyone is different and while there are some basic training guidelines to follow, this will depend on what type of training, rep ranges, sets, etc YOUR body responds to best, not on whether or not your on gear.

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Actually lifeguards here are getting paid around 1.200euros/month now thats alot for Greece since we have cheap life here. even the steroids are cheap here. 500mg test 12 week cycle costs 60euros +10nolva+15 arimidex (dunno the cost of needles tho) that makes it 85euros. Like hell i am going to be able to pay for much much bigger cycles.

Aint a bad living then. Factor in housing costs, car/transportation, medical costs, food, etc.

You know you’re going to need to eat a lot, right? I won’t hand you a diet plan, nor do I expect anyone else to, for free. You might wanna pay for nutrition and coaching services with somebody who’s experienced in bodybuilding and trained bodybuilders.

I am trying to do exactly what you said. Learn how to train and learn how to diet alright? I never said that i am going to use them without doing a perfect diet and a perfect workout.

oh i see then none can actually give me the answer that i am looking for. Only i can tell what works better for me. Good point over there i ll try to figure out what style gives me more growth before i move to the next step.

I share my house with my girlfriend so its actually really cheap around 150euros total cost with electricity etc…i dont have a car i have a bike tho and its still cheap to take care of my little 125cc xD beast. The food yes that will cost i agree+ coach and someone for the diet plan but i can still afford these. Also i believe that after some time i ll be sponsored from a greek supplement company here since my uncle works for them and he can hook me up.

Dawg, sponsorships aren’t worth that much if you’re an athlete who’s otherwise unheard of.

You gotta do some career planning before trying this too.