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Your Olympic Dream


If you could go through the training, competition, and win an Olympic gold, what sport would it be in?



Winter Olympics: the 2-woman bobsled team

Summer Olympics: Rowing - Women's eight


I think speedskating. that seems like it would be a fun sport to compete in.

For summer games - team handball. we played that in HS gym class and it was awesome.



You know my answer to that man. Judo rules. Though if it were the winter Olympics I'd like to be a curler. Hahaha


Gymnastics all the way...


Golf! :frowning:


Skeleton. The training seems to involve a lot of whiskey.


Wrestling and Snowboarding.
When I started boarding, you weren't even allowed on the slopes with them. Now it's an Olympic sport. Man, I feel old at 33.


Summer: 200M
Winter: tie between snowboarding and speed skating


Interesting question.

For me it would be one of two things: Either Wrestling or sprinting. Both of which I have participated in for a long time. Neither of which I would ever be capable of doing at that level, or even close.


Winter: No question about it, hockey!

Summer: I think I'd like to win the 1500m


One of the middle two guys in the 4-man bobsled.

Sprint 20 yards, jump in, duck, hold on, collect medal.




Something to do with women's gymnastics, not really sure if I'd care about winning though...


Winter - Hockey
Summer - 100M


summer-decathalon, the ultimate display of athleticism



I'd compete in the 100 meter sprint, being the fastest man in the world would be cool!


Judo or Wrestling. Or both, since we're playing make believe.


Winter: Snowboard Half Pipe

Summer: Platform Diving


powerlifting...and wrestling