Your Olive Oil Has Probably Lost Its Health Benefits

You won’t get the purported beneficial plant compounds specific to olive oil, but you can at least supposedly get the benefits of monounsaturated fat consumption by eating nuts like hazelnuts or macadamia without the risk of the polyunsaturated portion of the fat being rotten. I just cook with butter or tallow because of the aforementioned stability of saturated fat against oxidation, and I agree with the carnivore people insofar as the cardiovascular dangers of saturated fat is likely a bunch of bogus bad science that has made people more unhealthy in the interim decades by encouraging people to eat rotten/oxidised vegetable oils instead.

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Outstanding article. I like your humor as well.

Much appreciated!

I think going with the large container and using a cruet is probably best, but it’s a diminishing returns situation. The large volume prevents as much oxidation as you will get in a small container. It’s basically using its own mass as an insulator, but as that volume goes down the oxidation goes up. The small bottles are going to get beat up by light and temperature before they get to you. Plus, in a small bottle situation, you’re likely to be decanting the entire volume into the cruet and subjecting it to oxidation, just like in a good red wine. There’s also the new closed system production method for olive oil that’s kind of cutting edge but probably a whole other article!

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The freshest EVOO I have had is from Wild Groves in California. Every year they offer fresh pressed EVOO. There are probably other farms as well. Extra Virgin Olive Oil California, Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Sale – Wild Groves


I think I know the brand you’re speaking of. They print their date of cultivation and pressing on the bottle, often on the shelf only 3-4 months after pressed. It has a yellow and black label on a very dark glass bottle. I use this as well. I stay away from anything 6 months or older–which is most brands on the shelf. I’ve also ordered from Wild Groves in CA, which offers fresh pressed EVOO seasonally.

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I’ve always kept my Flameout in the fridge ever since the dark ages when I think that was the recommendation on the bottle after opening it.

I wasn’t aware of that. I’ll look into that for grins. Thanks!