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Your Next Books

Hey Paul,
Any idea when your next MASSterpieces will be out?
Do they include different training programs for fatloss phases as well as musclegain?

Can’t wait!

I’m getting ready to launch my fat loss carb cycling book.

The muscle growth book won’t be until next year.


Hey Paul, don’t want to start a whole thread for this.

I know you’re busy and I understand if you don’t want to commit to a date but could you give us an update?

Weird timing.

I literally finished my last update on the XLR8 diet carb cycling manual this morning. Getting it out to my graphics designer today to have it finished.

I’ll probably release it after the new years.

I’m already focused on a program manual that I’ve been using in the coaching groups. 9 week intensity cycling methods to really push the mass gains.

That one will take a while because I’m going to put a LOT of work in it with video links and descriptions to make it really thorough.


Holy, I thought i read in a few years!!

On the carb cycling manual, will you have various protocols for say gaining muscle, cutting weight or more athlete performance focused? Look forward to reading it.

No it’s going to be fat loss only driven.

That’s how I’ve been using it my coaching groups with a LOT of success. Even the people who half ass it lose quite a bit of fat. So it’s been a really awesome protocol for fat loss.

It would need some tweaks for mass gain, and I don’t even mess around in the athlete field. Although I have a couple of former NFL players that are running it right now and loving it.

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Awesome. I’m very interested in checking it out. I’ve found that carb manipulation the only way I can consistently lose weight. I know there’s no magic behind it. It just helps me control my appetite (which can get out of control) and meal prep easier.

Thanks for the info

Do you still use AVT1 and AVT2 from SSP during your cycles, or have you found those methods to be redundant/less effective these days?

5-6 x 12 seems like a lot of ‘junk volume’ compared to, say, a few pump sets of 20-25 reps (instead of 60 total reps) a la Scott Stevenson.

I know the purpose of AVT2 is more like a recovery method, but it still seems like a whole lot of reps…

Thanks in advance. Looking forward to the hypertrophy guide. Will buy that sucker on the spot.
Always cool to see how your ideas evolve over time - based on tried and true principles of progressive overload done intelligently with intensification cycling.

By the way, thank you for sharing your thoughts about the key driver(s) for growth, etc. That has taught me a lot about what productive training should primarily look like.
Also really enjoyed the interview (Akash Vaghela) with you and Dr. Stevenson.

I still use accumulative volume methods and it’s not “junk volume” if they are used in order to create fatigue for the effective reps that will be done later.

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I always thought it was done as a method to limit the load you can get for a set amount of reps. I rememeber reading Paul write about it saying it’s like your warmup, prefatiguing and max effort movements all together.

That too.

So what’s the story with your latest books?