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Your New Articles...


are awesome!

good to have new articles coming from you again, and so many! its like christmas

thanks CT


Im happy to be writing again, besides helping others out Thats my favorite thing


...and this is why we all check out TNation everyday!


I'm glad you are writing too CT. I feel like you have been doing some of your best work ever over the last few years and only a few people got to take advantage of it because it was in the LiveSpills and on your Forum. Glad to see it making its way to the masses on the main page.



Special thanks for the biceps article - I really enjoy your articles and love the innovative ideas and concepts you introduce. Makes training fun, interesting and productive. I was never a fan of direct bicep training as I found pounding away ate various curls etc boring. My biceps are not great as a result. I'm now really enjoying the heavy then light training system and am beginning to 'feel' by biceps much better, with the pump on the lighter day really pronounced.

Your the man, cheers



I'll jump in here, too. Very happy to see you writing again. I would not have been able to reach my strength numbers without you. Dead serious. I remember when I started to follow just about everything you wrote to the letter some years ago. My bench press went from 345 to 450+ in just under two years. After years of stagnation.
For my part, whenever I read a CT recommendation, I just think 'yessir, consider it done' :wink:

PS: lost quite a bit of strength due to a surgery and tons of complications in the healing / recovery process. Still afraid to bench more than 310/320. But no worries, I'll be back.


I'm in a similar boat. Spent some time in the hospital for health issues. I'm getting back into it to regain all of my strength. The strategy I'm using for the bench press will be the subject of an article.


@ CT:

Okay fine...roses are red violets are blue, everyone loves your work and I do too.


Hope you are well again and it wasn't something serious. Very much looking forward to the article.