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Your Most Productive Program


As the title indicates....what has been the most productive strength/bodybuilding program you have implemented?


Depends on the goal.

Strength= Poliquin's 1-6 principle

Mass= Push/Pull/Lower split coupled with Berardi's "Massive eating"

Strength endurance= Charlie Lysak's "Crawl" routine

Never really done a program geared towards fat loss, so I can't comment on one.

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Can you expand on your push/pull/lower slpit?


As well at the strength endurance one by Charlie Lysak if you don't mind.


Not to sound like Yoda but...

Heavy lifting leads to more strength.
More strength leads to muscle hypertrophy.
Muscle hypertrophy leads to the dark side.

So I go for a 5x5 on all my lifts. Doing just 3 lifts each workout. I mix it up on the last exercise of the day.

Mon: Bench,Squats,Chins/Curls
Tue: Pullups,Deads,Dips
Wed: Shoulder Press,Squats,Chins/Dips
Thr: Bench,Deads,Pullups/Chins/Dips
Fri: Rest
Sat: Run
Sun: Run

You'd be right to think I don't perform as well later in the week but this is regime that


For overall strength & size:

Every Muscle group
- I ignored sets, reps, weight, tempo, and concentrated on overcompensation.

I used a combination of high frequency and progressive overload to see results. Constant parameter changes on a daily basis based on feel. Training routines are absolutly out of the question if I want results. I lifted based on feel and availability of the particular muscles recovery time and the amount of stress I could place on it on a daily basis. If I could squat 8 days in a row, then I did. My best routine was to never have one.



Russian Squat

The 1-6 Principle



I trained all of my lower body muscles (back squat, frog stance hack squat, leg press, leg extention, Romanian deads, seated leg curl, standing calf raise, seated calf raise) on Monday

I trained all of my pushing muscles on Wednesday (bench, DB incline, cable cross overs, standing military, front raises, lateral raises, Lying triceps extentions, overhead DB triceps extentions, cable reverse grip triceps extentions)

Finally I trained all of my pulling muscles on Friday (Wide Grip pull-ups, Seated rope cable face pulls, reverse grip bent over rows, reverse flys, incline curls, wide grip scott/preacher curls).

Sometimes if I had extra energy I would do forearms at the end of my workout on Friday. I also had a couple different versions of the workout that I did (this is just the one I can recall off hand), at least one of which had me doing deads on Friday.

I know this sounds like a lot of volume. But, I was just coming off of a high frequency program so I figured I'd go the opposite direction and completely annihilate my muscles during a single workout per week and then give them plenty of rest to recover. It seemed to work because I gained about 10 lbs in under 3 weeks (much of which according to my body fat readings before and after was muscle).

Hope this helps.

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Well, to be honest I can't really divulge the actual workout because Charlie has asked me personally not to.

What I will tell you is that the workout basically consists of 15 exercises, 830 reps (50 reps of most exercises), and absolutely no rest. The workout generally takes people anywhere from 20-24 minutes to complete. Although as you get better your time will go down. Once you get to below 15 minutes you increase the weight.

It's one hell of a workout and like I said, the single best routine I have ever tried for building strength endurance and get into fighting shape. If you want to find out more about it, or possibly pick up a copy of the Crawl dvd, go here:


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10rx10s, but boring as hell




OVT worked well, but i was on a straight seefood diet at the time.

Waterburys TBT put some solid mass on me.

WS4SB helped bring my legs, upper back and triceps a huge deal.

HIT worked great for being on a low calorie diet and being incredible short on time during the summer.

Everything works for a little while, nothing works forever.



Any Ian King program


10x3 put 60 pounds on my bench in 8 weeks.


Squats and Milk for Size(primarily) but some decent Strength gains too, especially on the squat.


I like that routine, sounds like what I started today.

Mon: Squat, Power Clean, Chins, Dips
Tue: Deadlift, Bench, Rows, Shoulder Press
Wed: Soccer
Thr: Squat, Power Clean, Chins, Dips
Fri: Deadlift, Bench, Rows, Shoulder Press
Sat: Soccer
Sun: Rest

I'm doing 3x8 for the first two weeks with low weights while I get used to lifting again and then move to 5x5 for the next 8 weeks.

I like it because it's simple and I can do everything with a fairly basic setup that I have in my basement.




10 x 3 for 8 weeks
5 x 5 for 8 weeks
3 x 15 for 2-3 weeks

3 day split, antagonist


Do you do 10x3 on all your lifts for that day or do you up the number for accessory (non-compound) exercises?


Strength = cluster training
Size = Thibs' HSS-100
Fat loss/endurance = EDT