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Your Most Influential Article?


Of all the articles on T-Nation, what has been your favorite or most influential?

I can reduce mine down to three:

1 - "The Periodization Bible, Part II" by Dave Tate

2 - "Back off and Grow" by Jack Reape

3 - "Massive Eating" by John Berardi

These three articles have revolutionized my approach to training and nutrition!


definately "The science of 10x3 " by Chad Waterbury for me because it was one of the first articles I read here at T-Nation after discovering the site and getting back into weight training.
10x3 is so opposite of my "1 set to failure" HIT style that I followed because someone gave me a
book for christmas (this was before the internet was popular). since then I have read TONS of articles. Another important series was the "Neanderthal nor more" awesome stuff.

  1. Pediodization Bible Part II, by Dave Tate (although I read this on Elite before I really read T-Nation).

2.Ian King's Top Ten Mass Makers
I constantly re-read this to keep myself on track.

3.Westside for Skinny Bastards, Joe DeFranco.

4.The Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy Program, by Chad Waterbury
Art of Waterbury is his best but ABBH was first, and the title is less egotisitcal.

5.The Overhead Squat Article, Dan John
Or anything by Dan John. Lift a weight from the floor to overhead. Dan John introduced this and other guarded/unknown training secrets.

6.The Power Look, Christian Thibaudeau
Made O-Lifting seem cool.

*Honorable mention to The Beast Evolves for inspirational value, although OVT never worked well for me.


The Diet Manifesto.

If you missed this then do a search and check it out.


Goal Setting for Hard Asses (Alpo Diet) by Dan John


1 - Waterbury's Top 10 Tips by Chad Waterbury : My favorite tool when it comes to designing my own program

2 - Overcoming Lousy Leverages I & II by Mike Robertson and Eric Cressey :For me it's THE best article about weaknesses in the 3 big lifts

3 - Back Off and Grow! by Jack Reape : It really opened my eyes on the value of back off week.


If we are talking influencial, T-Nation Defined got me going from the moment I hit the site.


Anything by Waterbury or Thib got my attention. I have tons of respect for both. TBT and The Beast Evolves are 2 favorites.


The Beast Evolves
Merry Xmas Bob (Best motivational article on the site)
Total Body Training
Renaissance Body Development


All T-Nation articles are right up there as the best but Beast Evolves is definately my favourite motivation article!


The Average Guy by Chris Shugart

The one article that sums up T-Nation and everything that we all stand for beyond training and nutrition.


Agreed. That's an intense piece of writing.


I agree K-narf. I forgot about "Merry Xmas Bob" by Chris Shugart. That would be atop my list of motivational articles.

I hate to say it, but I have found very little that is unique or original in Waterbury's or Thibaudeau's writing. That's nothing terrible I guess, but I rarely find anything I haven't already read in some earlier source. In the case of Chad Waterbury, you could pick up Pavel Tsatsouline's books, like "Power to the People" (that he wrote years ago) and read much of the same stuff and come to the same ultimate conclusions.

Jack Reape is easily my favorite author overall. His articles are always full of great stuff. Dan John's articles are very fun to read too. Something about his writing makes me want to go back to highschool and do it all over again.


Definitely Westside for Skinny Bastards. Excellent intro to the Westside Template, which I was completely ignorant too previously. He simplified it, and created the most beneficial program I have ever used.


That one and the Poliquin and King stuff for sure.


Neanderthal No More


Down right most influential article, I have to agree with K-Narf on this one. "Merry Christmas Bob" is one of the best things I've read in terms of what it is to be one of US,a brother of the Iron. I've got it printed off and hanging in my room for motivation, since I first read it. Aside from that, the West Side for Skinny Bastards opened my eyes to that template, which I still incorporate whenever I need my numbers to increase.


the 8 keys article series

and over coming leverages


Squatting from Head to Toe

Dave Tate


Big Bulking Tips