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Your Most Important Lesson From Lifting?

Hey Thib,

After today’s article, I wondered, what would be your most important life lesson that iron taught you?


Honestly I don’t know, which is why I didn’t participate to the article. While I could come up with the typical answers like:

  • It taught me to be discipline
  • It taught me the value of hard work
  • It taught me that life is unfair but you must do the best you can with the hand you’ve been delt
  • It taught me that you will always be best at what fits your psychological profile
  • it taught me to have patience, that nothing worth having comes without time and effort

And they are all true. But to be honest it feels somewhat repetitive.

If there is one thing that it taught me, and it’s not really that great, is that training actually reveals how superficial most people are:

  • A lot of people train only to look good, either to impress the other sex or to intimidate their own. That’s bad enough on their own, but a lot of people actually select their “program” to make themselves look good while they are training. Heck I’ve seen people select their exercises based on the people that were in the gym.

  • When you get in shape people threat you differently. I went from fat to lean and everybody acted different toward me. At first I liked it but eventually it pissed me off because I was the same person inside. It showed me that most people don’t really care about the real you.

  • People use shitty form with way too much weight just to “impress” others.



Thanks for the insight. We’ll always love you no matter how you look!

Good because I’m not getting any younger

Ha, you should see him with hair.

Smiley face and all of that.

Truer words have never been spoken.

That’s very interesting to me, because I’ve gone from fat to not fat and from weak to almost strong (lean is coming) and I am a completely different person. The change happened with strength, though.

Yes in some people it can happen. Getting strong will make you more confident, have better self-esteem, etc. So you can act differently. That is especially true in people who don’t have a solid athletic background. Being among the strong can be empowering for those who never experienced the feeling of being good physical performance machines.

That would kind of be me. Played sport throughout high school but without any real enthusiasm.