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Your Mental Low E2 Symptoms? Share Your Experience

Wondering regarding other’s expirences. Especially regarding emotional numbness/apathy/memory issues. Thanks!

Prior to trt my e2 was in the low teens and I was pretty flat as far as feelings go. Still had occasional bursts of whatever, but life was painted in muted tones and now with healthy e2 I can see color in the vibrate tones that life was meant to offer.

Ive been chasing this since I started TRT. It is unclear to me if I was suffering with this as well for the years leading up to TRT because I was in such a bad place I feel these things were probably hidden by the larger problems. Once on T these issue became apparent. Unsure the cause but Im working with a psychiatrist trying to find some chemical relief from the problems. Thus far Ive managed to help the memory, and concentration a bit, but still working on the apathy and tiredness.

With my E2 around 70 these days I dont think its that so maybe not appropriate to your post but just wanted to say my symptoms are the same regardless of E2. I also crushed E2 early on with anastrozole but the only thing I noticed was joint pain which subsided, with removal of the AI, after a few weeks to a month.

Low e2, low energy, No emotions, dont Care.

High e2, like a woman basically. Arguing on forums, very emotionally fragile, low status behaviour. Limp Dick and foggy mind.

Best is to have a balance, not too low, not too high

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Low E2 (really low, out of range) : no libido, depression, no energy, craking joints.
In range: Total OK
High E2 : increased prolactin, erectile dysfunction, high blood pressure, uncontrollable emotions, tears, fears…

When my E2 gets to 15 or below

-achy joints
-not much emotion
-not much libido
-more of a primal feeling

For me:

LOW: zero emotion. Flat. Blah.

HIGH: ED. Difficult to orgasm… takes forever.

Yes this increased prolactin thing is very interesting. Maybe u get emotional cause of the increased prolactin, Ive noticed myself become way more “attached” to different girls im dating when my e2 gets out of range, Ive heard prolactin doing that shit.

Maybe it’s just love :wink:

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Flat, no response to stimulants or dopamine-increasing drugs. Insane sugar cravings

Are you inferring that when your E2 is higher you then respond to dopaminergic drugs and stimulants?

Yes, as far as I can tell.

I use caffeine and Suboxone (rx’d) as a gauge.

I can’t feel caffeine when e2 is low, but when it’s ‘normal’ (for me 40-60pg) a cup of coffee or preworkout will get me going.

Subs are weird to begin with, but I typically need 2-3mg daily when e2 is normal, when it’s high I need less, and when it’s low I need 4-5mg to get the same relief. I have months, years actually, of journals experimenting with different doses & getting lab work to see what correlates.

I have read that very low e2 can actually destroy DA receptors, and as e2 rises more receptors are created & sensitized. If my e2 gets too high (70-90pg) this can lead to a constant ‘amped-up’ feeling, can’t sleep, heart pounding, etc.


Wow. Great response, thank you.

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When you say you feel “flat” on low e2. How flat it is? Can you still listen to music/watch movies?

I can, but not with any real joy or motivation. I’d talk myself up to going to the gym then just sit outside feeling like nothing was worth it. I’d throw cartoons on and lay in bed, eating candy, like a chick. I had been on TRT for 6-7 months and was like this can’t be right. Got labs and e2 was <5pg, crashed, on 2mg anastrozole weekly. Got off that shit quick.

Yes, when e2 high i feel no enjoyment with music or movies, and “slow” mentally, like im not quick no more, even my fucking reflexes becomes shit with high e2.

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Get On An AI AnD CraSh YouR E2

You will feel like death but won’t have
HiGh E2 SiDeS :roll_eyes:


High e2 is horrible, low e2 is horrible. Its about finding your individual sweetspot, with AI if neccesary.


I’d rather have high e2 than low. It’s less debilitating and easier to fix. But when you’re in that sweet spot, everything just feels awesome.

Yes I do agree to that, low e2 is an horrible experience.