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Your Macro Distribution?

I know this topic has been covered a lot in articles all over the interwebs, but I am curious specifically about how actual people with the goal of bodybuilding distribute their macros, not during a cut, but during everyday lean gains and recomp. I know there will be a lot of variance, and I know there are great differences from what works for person to person. I am simply curious about how YOU are doing it.

80% of carbs around the workout?
Never eat carbs and fats together?
Trace carbs only on off days?
Weekly carb re-feeds?
Carb cycling?
Protein cycling?
high fat, low carb?
low fat, high carb?

Fill me in please and thank you.

80% of carbs around the workout? Not that many, but definitely prioritized in the meals before/after and my peri-workout shake

Never eat carbs and fats together? I don’t stress this, but that’s because I eat clean 95% of the time. I do avoid snacks high in carbs/fats if I don’t have a protein source available

Trace carbs only on off days? Nope, you are growing and recovering from the previous days workouts, that needs fuel. Plus, I rarely have complete days off, so carbs everyday for me!

Weekly carb re-feeds? Not weekly, only if the scale drops or I am feeling flat.

Carb cycling? Only in the sense that my off days don’t have a peri-workout shake.

Protein cycling? I don’t stress this.

high fat, low carb? I’ve gone higher fat before and did fine, but my carbs weren’t exactly low at the time either, what can I say, I have a decent metabolism.

low fat, high carb? Moderate to lower fat, very high carb because that’s just how my metabolism functions

Like you said though, everyone is different.

Cool cool cool.
I didn’t actually mean to post those as “questions” needing answers, although it’s pretty informative now that you’ve answered them haha.
That was more just a round up of strategies and things that I’ve heard/read.

I guess the main reason I am asking this is because everybody either seems to be on the Mountain Dog style of flooding the body with nutrients around the workout period, intermittent fasting, or carb backloading, three VERY different strategies. Yet if you talk to anybody in a gym who simply lifts weight (seriously) and eats without really doing much reading or research into different training and diet methods the vast majority of them just eat 5-7 meals per day with a focus on protein and “good” carbs.

You can eat 5 to 7 meals per day AND do Carb Backloading or Mountain Dog, but your nutrient intake timing would be different.

Protein and Fats for the first probably 5 meals for Carb Backloading, then Carbs at meals 6 and 7.

And Carbs centered around the 3 meals around the workout for Mountain Dog with the other 4 meals being more biased toward Protein and Fat.

What has always worked best for me:

  1. Focus on whole foods (Basically ‘paleo’ w/ starchy carbs such as rice/potatoes)

  2. 3-4 meals a day, preferably 4

  3. Macros, if gaining, are in the area of 40% protein, 25% fat, 35% carbs. Macros would have less carbs and more fat if I was in a kcal deficit

  4. I don’t eat enough meals to warrant something like P+F meals or P+C meals.

  5. Track my calories, weigh my food to know for sure if I’m in a deficit or surplus, depending on what my goal is

  6. 2-3 scoops Anaconda on workout days, fit this into macros (this can count as a 4th meal for me)

  7. MAG-10 is the shit