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Your Longest Run? Bike? Swim? March?

The great thing about long runs is that you will remember them for a long time.
I obviuosly love working out in a nice dungeon of a gym, but that’s where you have a sort of general set of fond memories…all the days blend into one long good memory of hoisting iron. I have great memories of my university gym and the old gym that was in an old warehouse back in Winnipeg.

But a long run just sticks out more. I stll remember running 14 miles from my parents house to the University of Manitoba back on August 14th, 1996.

I remember riding 80km in a bike ride about a year ago. That is not a long distance for most cyclists, but as I usually only do 30km max, I remember this particular ride. It was a fundraiser ride in which they closed the freeway and allowed us cyclists to use it for some serious uninterrupted pedalling.

I also remember running/walking 20km from the casino after a big night out. In my drunk state I had decided that I could run home faster than wait in the never ending taxi line.


Thats a long run. How long did it take you?

If memory serves about 2:15 to 2:30.

But as I said it’s funny how I have fond memories of it. Not painful ones.

Other runs too. I remember one night my buddy had a party at his house so I decided to run there (I decided the night before) so I left a change of clothes at his place and another buddy I gave money to to bring me a 12 pack of beer. It was 9 miles or so to buddy’s house and I started at 7PM (it was July and In Canada the sun doesn’t set till about 9PM) and I ran along and watched the sun set and got to buddy’s house and washed up and finished all those beers. That was a memorable day.

As I said before, sure they gym is great…but for me those memories all blend together…like no single day stands out.


thats a very slow jog, not a run…

Thanks mom.

Thats cool. I like the sound of runing to a party then drinking a load of beer.

You’ve made me want to go see how far I can run now.

My longest walk wasn’t even long really. It was a hike/camping trip over 2 days, about 18 miles. It was a school project called the Duke of Edingburgh award. (we failed, cause we were messing about too much and kept on getting lost, but we did finish it) I joined it just for that sake of doing the hike. It was probably one of the best experiences of my life. Mainly cause it was a bunch of unsupervised 17 year old lads. Let loose in term time. I still have my half burnt glove left as a souvenier

I lost contact with the friends I did that with, and I keep trying to get current mates to do something similair but their not interested, so I think this summer I might go on a lone hike before I head off to uni.

Off to uni? You must be young!

If you can run 3 or 4 miles non-stop and you’re young you could do a good 20 miles with only about a month or two’s practice.

By the way…I have a box of PG Tips at work and I make my afternoon tea with.

I’m kind of young. 22… I’m starting uni a bit late to be henest, but its better cause I know I actually want to work in the field I’m going to study.

I think I can run a sustainable 10 minute mile. My fastest ever mile was 7.5 minutes. I’m going to go for 10 miles on my next day off.

Haha, yea PG tips, I dont even like the stuff. It was the first thing I saw when I was trying to think of a username… plus… I love the PG tips chimps

Oh yeah…if you can 10 miles then I think you could do whatever distance you want to with some practice.

I just did (in December) a half Marathon. I’m 38 and 255lbs and did it in 2:51. I hope that’s good enough for my mom…spk.


its up to you, but as a former runner who knows a bit about running, please dont try to jog 20 miles after “a few months practice”…try that and you’ll probably come down with an injury…

i dont want to but in on your and nards conversation, but jogging 20 miles in 2 months cause you can jog 3 miles now is insane…

i think there are maybe 1-2 former runners on this forum. the rest are non runners, weekend warriors … you want real running advice, go to a running forum…

man o man, what a way to get injured…jog 20 miles in 2 months… nuts!!!


It’s not insane.

It may not work for him, I haven’t even run 20 miles…but it’s not insane.

I signed up for that half Marathon in September of last year and was not running much before that (I wasn’t new to running as you can see from my posts…but only doing a couple of 3 to 4 mile runs a week) and by December I did it. I already mentioned my weight and age.I have also never had an injury from running…I myself am surprised at my weight, which is not all muscle (pics in profile).
So certainly a 22 year-old ( weight?) could do 20 miles with two months of training.

Why are you a “former” runner spk?

Run- 10 miles / 90 minutes
Bike- 50 miles / 150 minutes
Swim- from where I was to where the girls were / ??

I actually rucked 26.2 miles yesterday, lol. Bataan Death March Memorial here in Kuwait. My pack was about 50 pounds, and my body is about useless now, haha. 9/10, would do it again.

Run - 18 miles in 110 minutes, now my singles aren’t ever longer than 10.
Bike - 20 miles at 24 mph, do it for cross training when injured.
Swim - No idea, not very far I’m sure.
March - 6 miles, 63 lbs still building up my ruck distance.

Running back from a night out 18km on flimsy nike’s at a ridicilious fast pace. I still regret that till this day, as my shins were buggered the day after and burning for weeks to come.

As for normal I don’t go much further than 5-8km. I don’t run very well at a slower pace so like to go out for a fast paced 5km.

Bike: 40km cycling to a party too cheap to get a cap, going there wasen’t to bad getting back was.
Hate cycling but am forced to do it daily 10km.

I love long challenges.

Longest pure run, 24 miles, training for the RRR
Longest run/hike, 43 miles, RRR in the Grand Canyon
Longest bike, 155 miles on the rolling dirt roads of Kansas
Longest ski, 33.5 miles(54K), classic ski marathon at the American Birkebeiner
I don’t really swim much, so perhaps a few laps would be my longest.

It is only in recent years that I’ve added in the weights. But I love both.

I did a 21km half marathon last yr. The only part I did not run was the hills, which only accounted for a couple kms at the most.

@ Nards:

I’m looking forward to see if I can put this 10 miles in now. I can imagine I’d get a job at the Ministry of silly walks afterwards.

haha I like the way you just casually do a half marathon.

What exactly did you do for your training in the couple of moths before? did you step up your training or just chill out and carry on what you were usually doing and beast through it on the day?

I’m roughly 75kg by the way.

@ spk

Thanks for the concern, but I’m not looking for advice on running (I’ll stop if I start feeling banged up, I’ve learnt the hard way about the signs my body gives me when its about to say “fuck you”)

I’m just interested to see how far I can run, and I doubt I’ll be able run 20 miles for a good few months yet maybe longer. Even if I could, I can’t see myself making a habit of it, but its something I’d like to do a few times in my life.

How come you don’t run anymore?

[quote]Nards wrote:
I’m 255lbs…

Why are you so heavy bro?