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Your Little Phobias


Not much really scares me, but there are a few little things that freak me out.

  1. Hornets. If I see one, I head straight indooors.

  2. Someone vomiting nearby (if I hear it behind me, I flinch)

  3. Deep black water. I'm not a great swimmer, so the unknown depths have a particular dread factor. Yet I'm nearly fearless in the deep clear teal water of the Caribbean, and love snorkeling.

Name yours.


worms- I dunno why. it's sad I know


dwarfs made of solid iron... i have to cross the street and everything


This made me laugh

Cockroaches make me cringe for some reason ... dirty buggers


Leeches. I've never had one on me but I periodically have dreams where I walk out of water and am covered in them.

For that reason, the scene in 'Stand By Me' with the leeches gives me the shivers.


It's funny, because these are pretty much the same as mine.

I don't like bees. Mainly yellowjackets.

I don't know how to swim. I get a little weirded out if I can't see where i'm stepping at the beach.

I cringe at hearing puke splash in the toilet. Yum.



  1. Mice
  2. Can't take a fish off a hook
  3. Being exploited for listing irrational fears on a website.


hahaha ... thanks for that


Spiders - Fuck. That.


Heights nail me pretty good. Not in a building or airplane. But rope suspension bridges and shit you can see through when you walk.

And walking on ice on a frozen lake or pond. I fell into one when I was a kid. Its not fun.


I'm in the same boat.

I also have this bizarre fear of accidentally setting off a fire alarm. Any time I walk by one in a hallway I picture myself stumbling into one or snagging it with the straps on my backpack or something. Dumbest thing ever.


Good one... very spooky.

  1. Tornadoes. Not for me.
  2. Earwigs. Creepy as hell.


Zits on other people.

Spiders/bugs with multiple legs. I'm okay with crickets, mealworms, waxworms, rats, and mice - anything you can get at a pet store - but undomesticated vermin is ick.



Not quite that bad, but if one happens to make its way into my house, I feel that way. However, no cockroach, once spotted, has EVER escaped alive, and for the methods I use to dispatch of the little hellions, please see the "Would you rather..." thread.


I have fear of country music and yodeling.

  1. Bees, hornets, wasps - any type of stinging bug scares the hell out of me. I kind of defeated my fear of bees after being stung by one in the face. I can handle them pretty easily now, but wasps and hornets - no can do.


People walking closely behind me.
I always let them pass. I always think they will have a knife and cut my throat. I don't know what it is.


Orcas... I don't care what anyone says, if you are swimming in the ocean and they are around, watch out.

The ocean. I've been diving, snorkeling, fishing, etc. But it takes a lot for me to take that plunge into the water.


The dentist.