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Your Life?


What are you doing for a living? Will you do this for the rest of your life? How old are you? How did you decide on what you wanted to do with your life? Did you end up doing it?

I have no career, I'm sixteen years old and I have not decided on something that I want, so I haven't done it. Should be able to get into the college I want if I continue normally with my schoolwork and rack up some community service hours for a certain scholarship.


Your too young to declare a carrer. Relax.

At this point just have a strategy and industy. I'd go with computers and/or Marketing as an education major. From there things happen. Not many of us end up doing what we thought we'd do.

I fell into my job. I've been in the industry for 12 years now. I hated computers in college, and guess what I'm in now?

I'm 35 and have a Marketing degree. I sell Government computer software. I started out as a software trainer in 1994.


Jeez. Wait till you're in college and pick a major at the very least. There's absolutely no need to be worrying about any of this. The only things that should be important at 16 are getting good grades, sports and playing well for your team if you're on one, and poon tang. Not necessarily in that order.


I am in the Army as Military Police. I started out in Infantry Mortars, which was pretty badass since I like explosions, destroying shit, and having more opportunities to do things like parachute school, Ranger school, etc. I switched over to MP and now OCCASIONALLY do law enforcement, but mostly go out and wreck shit with machine guns. Doing this job in Iraq RULES!!

I love my job, and I lead several soldiers. I get to use state of the art battlefield technology that still blows my mind. Don't get me wrong, there are still MPs that do mostly law enforcement and investigations. I've been able to go to spend several years in Europe, had a couple chances to go SF, deploy several times, and see some pretty crazy stuff. I have more power, responsibility, and authority than most people with my rank and my position. I wouldn't take back a second of it!


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I'm in the aircraft industry, really just fixing them. Dont do it, dont go near airplanes. Pays horrible, but at lest the hours are good. And when the time comes just flip a coin or roll some dice and choose that way. Just make sure its something you can spend 40+hours a week doing.



Personal Trainer (don't flame me, lol)

started out as an accounting major for 2.5 yrs, then switched to exercise science and have loved every minute of it.

Find out what you're passionate about and put in the work/effort to succeed in it. At this age you have plenty of time to figure things out.


Went to college and majored and graguated in Biology, concentration in Zoology. Had a hell of a time finding a job that wasn't an assistant, so I used the chemistry that I also took to get a job in a chem. plant.

I am 29 and have been at my current lab for nearing four years. I have worked at three labs prior to this one. The pay is very respectable, though I do work shift work, and am around chemicals that can kill. But the benefits are good and we live comfortably. Is it my final destination? Don't know.


I'm a Film-Maker.... just wrapping up a position as editor and post-production supervisor on my first feature film project. very gratifying, but SHITLOADS of hard work (14hrs a day, 7 days a week, for months and months on end) I've been on this one for a year.

When you're starting out (like me), the money isn't good, but eventually (or so I hope), the hard work pays off.

my advice: concentrate on having fun and trying different things - you never know you like something 'till you've tried it - sometimes more than once. (like Scotch). Don't worry about your career - when you get to college, don't declare a major until you've taken a few electives and GE classes and have decided what sort of classes you enjoy.

..eventually, you'll probably fall into something you love. (or if what you love is nowhere near anything you can get paid to do, find something you don't hate that you CAN get paid to do - or marry a rich chick)


Shit dude. I just turned 30 and I've only just decided that the industry I currently work in (finance) is going to be what I do for the next 10 years.

I didn't have a clue what I wanted to do when I left school. 5 years ago someone asked me if I had thought of this and offered me a job. I thought "fuck it" and gave it a go. 5 years later, I've only just decided that this is for me. This is mainly due to earning a shitload of cash and having easy working hours.

Don't sweat it. Relax. Goosfrabba.....




From that movie dude....


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I'm 21 years old and have spent the last two years studying engineering, kinda. I've switched majors about 8 times during those two years. I got an internship last semester at a small engineering firm and I don't like it. Don't like engineering either.

It seems as if every 3 months I get a crazy idea in my head to study or do. Right now, it's being a football player, or teacher, or TEFL instructor in some foreign country, or doing something outdoors with the environment, or massage therapist.

I want to do so many things that I can never focus on one. I need help.


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Find something you really enjoy even if it's just a hobby and work as many angles as you can with it, and see if there's a possibility that it will or could develpoe into a possible career.

I work in oil and gas and I started in high school just working on the equipment

I eventually worked my way up. Now I'm a mechanical supervisor/ engineer for a large world wide oil drilling company. If you work hard it will pay off, just make sure it's something you like. By the way I'm only 28 and I make money than people twice my age. Just learn what you can, ask as many questions as possible, But the number one thing is make sure it's really something you enjoy, and you do it because you enjoy it. If you enjoy it, it doesn't come off as work when your stuck there for endless hours at a time.



Odds are, none of the people on the forums will have the exact same job for their entire lives. Situations and interests change. People go back to school. Plants shut down. People move.

Research different types of jobs and find out payscales, working environments, and the projected future of that job market.

The job I have doesn't pay shit but I love it. I'm currently going to college for Criminal Justice, a completely unrelated field. I may or may not use it but I'm doing it because I find it fascinating.


Full time graphic designer and part-time college student. I used to personal train on the side but school takes up that time now. I have noting left in the graphics field and its terrifyingly boring to me. So, back in school to get the hell out of this field!


Forgot to add that I've been at the same job since I was 17, now I'm 30. I've been in the field since I was 13, went to a technical highschool and majored in graphics/printing.

When in college get your gen ed requirements the hell out of the way. long the way you can sit in on a class or two of different college major classes to see what you like. Then go from there. I went to college when I was 19 for one semester. I was there for a major in graphic design. I sat in on a senior level graphics class and saw that I could basically teach it. At that point I packed my shit up and headed home. They weren't getting my $30,000 or so to teach me nothing I didnt already know and knew better than the teachers. Chances are you will change your major. Thats why its best to get your gen ed requirements out of the way and test the waters of the majors that interest you. This way you save MUCH time and MUCH money!


im in the air force i work on fighter planes weapons systems, currently on the f-15 just came off working the f-16. it's ok however im looking to change carrer fields next year.before this i was a correctional officer in Texas for 4.5 years that was kinda cool but paid shitty. college was a waste for me if you go make sure you do something you like.