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Your Levels on 100mg a Week?

Just wondering what levels 100 mg a week has obtained for you all.

I split Injection in 2.

At trough 700 total t and free t upper normal.
No AI.

Horny asf

How long have you been on this regiment?

It’s an unknown where 100mg would put me, but 75mg would get me Total T 600. Testosterone binds to SHBG so I would imagine everyone would be different. My SHBG is lower 20’s.

On 140mg a week, I am at 650 in my trough, day seven, bevore my next injection.

I do 100mg per week split into 50mg E3.5D. At trough I run around 500 Total with a Free T of 17.6 (I think I’m remembering that correctly) where the high end of the range is 17.1, so just above high range of Free T.

I was doing 100mg every other week for 2 months waited 8 day after last injection and got blood test showing 315. Before test I was 191. Now I’m being switched to 1 a week still at 100mg. We will see how this goes.


Broooooo I haven’t seen you on here in ages, how’s everything going? Any progress with getting treatment for the Addison’s?

Anyhow 110mg/wk had me nadir at around 300 and something Ng/DL, don’t remember the exact numbers. Testosterone binds to SHBG and albumin somewhat, thus the levels of these (although they tend to fluctuate, especially SHBG) will play a very small impact, what really determines where you will get to on X dose is how you, as an individual metabolised and excrete testosterone, the HL isn’t the same for everyone. Both half life and absorbtion rates are on like… A bell curve, a majority will get to X, then you get standard deviations away from the norm, then you get outliers. There’s no way to predict where you’ll get to without first hand experience in this instance. You can you the bell curve for a rough estimate, however it isn’t particularly reliable given the high level of variability.

@unreal24278 Hey man. I’m usually on here poking around just don’t post much. Been keeping up with all your health… we’ll say speed bumps haha. How’s all that going?

Life is a grind. Been fighting through the best I can though. Right now I’m dealing with a bunch of Lyme crap. I’ve been throwing up multiple times a day so aggressively I popped blood vessels and gave myself a hiatal hernia. Yet somehow drag my ass to the gym and PR lol.

Health wise things have actually been very good for the past 3 wks. It appears my sympathetic nervous system dysfunction (probably POTS), postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, not dangerous, just uncomfortable as I found out I have no structural abnormalities with my heart nor do I have any irregular beats, according to a halter moniter not a single irregular beat was detected. I have fibromyalgia (supposedly) and pots is a common inclusion in people with fibromyalgia. Has been extremely responsive to low dose beta blocker.

I’ve been working out like a madman recently because it makes me happy. Sorry to hear about the Lyme disease, that’s really shit.

@unreal24278 hey that’s good nothing came up for you! I also have POTS and fibromyalgia lol. I actually have this new problem I think with my nervous system. Aside from absolutely crippling nerve pain, when I squeeze a muscle on the left side, it shakes like crazy. For example I squeeze my right glute and nothing happens. I squeeze my left glute and my entire left leg shakes like mad. Then I noticed after a trip to the orthodontist because I have a cross bite coming back, the left side of my face is starting to move less and less. So my smile is really weird. And if I move my bottom lip down to the right, nothing, but if I move my bottom lip down to the left, the left side of my face and neck shake like I’m having a seizure. Pretty weird stuff. Maybe a side effect of the cortisol or florinef? Maybe @physioLojik has an idea.