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Your Largest Delt Injection?

What’s the most everyone has injected into their delts?

I don’t know about everyone, but I’ve done 1.1 mL. Really my limit was due to how much I could put into an insulin pin.

I typically only pin 0.5ml into shoulders. But I don’t pin there often simply because I’m a side sleeper who turns a lot and the soreness affects my sleep.

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I stick to 1mL, but I have small delts

Thanks guys. I have only ever done 1ml at a time in my delts but I am starting cycle soon and will have to pin 2ml EOD and need to rotate sites just curious if I could do it on the delts but I didn’t think so. Most articles I read say 1-2 mLs but most people I talk to are like myself 1ml max.

Has any one ever inject at the ventrogluteal muscle?

That site scares me a bit and I certainly wouldn’t want to do 2 ml there. I’ll do 1 ml in my delts and I’ve done up to 3 ml in my quads but don’t really like to do that. I just prefer using 1 ml syringes and if I have to pin 2 or 3 times I don’t really mind. If I were you I would just go for quads. To me it’s the easiest spot.

Depends on the compound for the delts. 1ml most of the time, but have done 2 even 3ml without problem. I definitely wouldn’t put large amounts of prop, or anything else that is likely to cause PIP, more than 1ml anywhere but the glutes.

You can also get away with more frequent injections in the same site(still rotate them when possible) if you use very fine gauge needles. It just takes a lot longer and more pressure to push the oil through the syringe. It doesn’t seem to create as much scare tissue as a thicker 23 gauge. I think I’m using27g atm.

.25 mL EOD (so almost 1mL per delt, per week) for me.

That’s a good bit of oil. If I personally had to do 2mL each injection, I would stick to glutes.

I do, all the time, but not 2mL. That’s a pretty small muscle to be pumping with 2mL of oil Q4D (assuming you alternate both v glutes).

Remember injecting into these smaller muscles MRIs have shown large depots of cypionate remaining in a muscle for up to 20 days. You can goggle that up. I would think that toward the end of a cycle, you’d have some serious buildup in any smaller muscles. Would it cause problems?:man_shrugging:
But I personally don’t want to find out. If you do and it works, let us know.

I had 12mL injected into my delts from a post exposure rabies vaccine (6mL each delt). I’ve self injected 1mL.