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Your largest cheat day?

I was thinking about this today as it is my B-day and I am in the end of my largest cheat day ever. Non stop eating all friggin day except it was deadlift day so I had a late morning w/o.

Here are the disgusting totals. Glad I just cut off ten lbs.

-6 doughnuts - I had never had a krispy freaking cream, good but not worth all the hype.

-1 apple
-1 big bowl honey nut chex pre w/o with protein

-PWO shake 26g protein 32g carbs
-12"pizza (small, been 6 months since last slice of pizza)

-6 wings
-glass milk
-3 guiness
-chunky bar
-reg. cheeseburger
-small oring
-small shake (last three from BG King, been more than a year since I have been through a drive through)

-chocolate bar

Currently eating some football snack food.
tacitos, fried clams, and nachos

I still have set a side but dont know if I will make it,

1 big slice pie
1 slice cake
1/2 pint ice cream.

Man that is terrible. Never had a cheat this damn big befor. It was well planned out started @ 6:00 am, consists only stuff I never eat. HAPPY B DAY to me. I Wont want this crap for another year. I think I ate away three weeks of progress.

Starting new training and diet monday anyhow.

Anyway, just interested to hear about others massive cheats and how mine stacks up.

Going to get sick now.


I just posted this but had to give a quick update. Scratch the nachos. I ate 1 and couldn’t do it had to toss them.

TOO MUCH food.

Dude, I’m a big eater and thats impressive/disgusting.
Anyway, Happy Birthday.

Eat some fiber.

[quote]6 doughnuts - I had never had a krispy freaking cream, good but not worth all the hype.

Not worth the hype? God i’d love a glazed crispy creme right now…I’ll spare the gory details, but i’m 5’8 180 and could eat most fat guys under the table. What you described is a typical cheat afternoon for me :slight_smile: BTW, happy birthday. Im sure you and your commode will get well acquainted in the next few hours…


Don’t even worry about it. It’s not what you do occasionally that will harm you, it’s what you do on a regular basis!

Happy Birthday and many, many more to a great T-man!


Thanks Zeb,

Back at ya.

I am still trying to find some space for my cake and ice cream. I dunno.


Happy Birthday!

Hey you know the worst part about all that cheating today…Tomorrow! You will be fine as far as weight gain, but you are going to feel like shit. That’s the worst part to cheat days(And the fact that they are so infrequent!)

I think I deserve the largest cheat day award, most definetly.
A few years ago I tried the T-dawg diet, back when it had the “eat all you want on Saturday” philosophy, or have a cheat day.
Well my cheat day would start at midnight. I’d be in Safeway and come out with 3 dozen chocolate chip cookiesm and a pack of gum or two. Of course those would be gone the end of the night. When I would wake up the next morning -
A whole box of cereal,
Half a loaf of bread
about a half gallon of milk to go with the cereal,
A few packets of INSTANT oatmeal,
Generally a bannana or two.
Generally my breakfast would be aroudn 3000 calories or so.

Then I’d ALWAYS fall asleep after that in my insulin induced Coma.
After that…it could get worse. My mom’s house just might have run out of food so I’d be at the grocery store either stocking up on donuts or bakery items and of course a bag of red hots.

I wish I would’ve kept a list some of those days, but I remember someone telling me that you never eat as much as you think…but when I was tallying the calories I stopped after 6000 or so…

Nowadays I’m better. I’ll allow myself a cheat meal once every week or two. I’ve found it to be the best solution rather than just gouging myself the whole day. Otherwise I can’t get myself back on the diet. The other really important thing is that even if you have a cheat meal EAT REGULARLY for the rest of the day so that you don’t fall out of the habit. Who knows, you might even put some muscle mass on this day instead of fat. But that yets to be a proven.
I’m glad I’ve stopped doing those type of cheat days…

Yo dude, I just tallied your calories…
You’re around the 9000 calorie mark! I’m having a really good laugh. And I was GENEROUS with a lot of your portions. You’re somewhere between 8000 and 12000 kcals for the whole day. WOW!

This is when 2x a day workout comes in handy :wink:

wow, what you described is only slightly more than i eat on any given day. while i am by no means as cut as you, i am also not a fat ass at all (2 sets of pics if you search).

so i just wonder what i’d look like if i cut all that shit out of my diet, but on the other hand i hate being hungry. hungry lumburjak=homicidal lumburjak

Well I made it through alive.

I was finally able to get down my cake and icecream befor slipping into a coma.

Feel like dog poo now. Worst damn case of heart burn I ever had.

Glad I wont do that for a while.

Lumberjack, you are one of the lucky ones with a supercharged metabolism apparently. I’d be a fattie real fast if I came close to those # on a daily basis.


Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday, Dear Phillllllll – okay, okay. I’ll shut up. Never could carry a note!

Congrats, Phill on the B-Day. Looks like you did it up right!!!

I wish I had something that automatically calculated calories on my cheat days. It would be fun to see how high you could run up the number.