Your Kryptonite?

Greetings all, I was just curious, what is your weakness when it comes to food. I.E. your Kryptonite. Mine is Pie (Pizza) I can resist ANYTHING else but a good pie… Anyone?

Bananas!!! If i have them im my place i eat one kilo a day, especially during the night.

Mine is the spicey crispy chicken sandwich at Jack in the Crack and a Dr. Pepper. I’m pretty much a sugar junkie, and will eat lots of Jolly Ranchers and Snickers Bars. Lots of soda too.

Definitely pizza.

Fajitas. Not just the meat, but the full on 6 flour tortillas, pound of cheddar cheese, salsa dripping experience. Once a week I buy a pound of fajitas and gorge myself.


Papa John’s Pizza w/ ranch dressing. This is the ultimate fat-carb meal. I usually eat half a large pizza with 2 tbsp. dressing per piece. Something like 1,000 calories, 100 carbs, 50 fat, and 25 protein. Can we say full?!?

Lau lau, Kailua pig, and lemon shoyu chicken plate lunch style. Heck any kind of local style food, plate lunch style.

Marzipan… I can resist any other kind of refined sugar product, but marzipan always gets me. I rationalize that it’s better than most bad stuff because it’s made from almond paste. If you’ve never had this stuff, you should try it. It’s a German candy made by dipping marzipan (almond paste mixed with confectioners sugar) into dark chocolate. It’s imported, and you can find it at specialty stores or some big grocery stores (although it isn’t as good) under the brand name Ritter.

The hardest thing to turn down are the potatoes that come as sides when I’m eating out, whether they be the homefries with breakfast or the garlic mashed potatoes with steaks. I usually end up having at least a bite or two. Other than that, it’s probably beer.

Anything chocolate and pizza. mmmmmm. pizza.

The Chicago Classic from Pizzeria Uno. Good God the humanity of it all!

Fresh warm chocolate chip cookies with the center just underbaked.

Heath Bar Crunch ice cream. Hey! its got some protein in it!! :wink:

McDonald’s or Wendy’s french fries with lots and lots of salt.

Home made oatmeal, chocolate, white chocolate, macadamia nut cookies. you can’t each just one or even just two or any less than about eight.

Pizza or a few calozones or a bucket of extra crispy kfc chicken and biscets and gray… and oh yeah hot wangs


Booze (I allow myself this 3 times a week, I know I know)

Those Giant iced Mrs. Fields cookie pizza things (I get one on my birthday and end up eating the entire thing in one sitting minus 4 pieces that go to the rest of my fam.)

Lol Will! I like Hot Wangs too!