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Your IQ?


I took this funny little test online and it supposedly gave me my IQ score. I ended up with a 132, which I think is about right. Generally speaking, I often feel like IQ scores can be skewed or not representative of real life intelligence.

I didnt come on here to boast about myself since I'm sure there are plenty of smarties here on T-Nation. But I'm curious out of curiousity sake, what do some of the rest of you rate? I'm sure someone like Professor X would blow me out of the water.


How smart is everybody here??


Mensa scored me at 169. It changes with age I think the formula is your score x 100 divided by your age....so the older you get the lower it goes.


Haha, get this, I just scored 103....It could be because I've been up for like 18hrs straight working....but I prolly just have'nt gotten any smarter in the last few years :wink:....It is right in my strengths though, spatial highest, then general knowledge, and classification, lowest is math, prolly because I did'nt spend alot of time on the Q's...and I hate math, but it said logic is wrong....bullshit, I dazzle people with my logic....


Oh, yea, madonnas IQ is 140...hmm impressive, and leonardo da vincis is 220....wtf? how did they test that shit...it's prolly rumour or some shit.


Yeah something is messed up with that.

I scored lowest on spatial and highest on verbal. Go fig.

I've taken an IQ test several other places and it gave me about the same results. One time it was way in outer space, gave me like 170. Whatever. I'm no genius.

As my brother once said, as I was telling him about my possible doctrate degree, "you may become a doctor, but you're still an idiot."


That's an older system that is no longer used.

And online IQ tests are about as illegitimate as you can possibly get, for people that actually care about this sort of thing.

Does anyone besides me think MENSA is about the gayest thing ever?


I say it doesn`t matter.

The only flagpost I use is the RRQ - Real Results Quotient.

This sorts out real quick the BAWs (Big Asshole Windbags), the KIAs (Know-It-Alls), the WSCs (Woulda-Shoulda-Couldas), the ASNGs (All-Show-No-Gos).

Excuses or untapped potential are not a substitute for reality ... although they generally make great bonding stories.


I scored a 121 at age 29,back in 7th grade and age 12,I got a 132 on a real university test.I guess I'm just getting dumber and dumber by the day.


I think these tests are bollocks. Too biased toward education and not really a reflection of innate intelligence.

Then again, I just scored 297, so I could be wrong.


Well said.


MENSA's a great organization, you can tell a lot about a person based solely on whether they decided to become a member.


lol very true... mensa is just plain pretentious and full of arogant silly people.


At primary school I learned that some guys like to put their penises up other guys bottoms. That was the gayest thing I had ever heard of until I heard of MENSA.


I have an IQ of 48 and am what some people call mentally retarded.



...with limited means to meet people and interact with them socially.

Of course, I'm generalizing here, but my point is that they typically hide behind the guise that they just can't have meaningful conversations or relationships with the limp-brained general population who have no comprehension of how difficult it is to be brilliant.

Now that I think about it, this site is not dissimilar to MENSA in that we get so fed up with the training and nutritional idiots of the world, so we come to this forum and degrade them (as well as to learn and share ideas).



Mine's all 249!



As a general rule this is true. However, I've met several people who have gotten "real results" in that they are in positions of authority/responsibility who are dumber than dirt. They do okay as long as they follow a routine, but throw a curve at them or take them out of their comfort zone and they're like a deer in headlights.


I must say IQ is shit...I now people who have Phds and shit, and are just on a whole other level of stupid. I think the greatest intelligence is adaptability and applicability, being able to pick things up quick and understand things....most book smart people know how to do things but don't know why, they don't take the time to understand concepts they rather just recite. It's like learning a multiplication table through memory and not knowing how to mulitply....it's completely useles....anyways like my dad says "at the end of the day it's what you can do that matters."

PS, as for mensa when I lived in n ireland it was done through our school in like P 5 or some shit...stupid..and then in Canada, I think they got ahold of that shit because I remember I missed half of my grade 8 year for being tested and shit for "enriched learning". They offered me a position in one of those schools I told them to fuck emselves because all the kids I knew from there were socially miscalibrated retards, they had no personal intentions of goin somwhere, just got told what was expected and sacrificed everything to do good in school because it was "who they were". The same reason that stoner in your school who was actually smart acted like an idiot, it's part of his perceived character....anybody else read that shit about silicone valley syndrome? Don't hook up with other geniuses people....


It would be interesting to see just how successful the MENSA dorks are in real life? I would wager that the most successful people have average IQ's. Having great potential doesn't mean you have the emotional intelligence to live up to that potential. That explains why that dorky dude you know who has a 190 IQ works in the video store and lives with his mother!


It's ebgames, goddamnit!