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Your Investment Ideas


Any interest in seeing everybody specific investment ideas? Not "I think gold is the way to go" but specific securities, commodities etc, in specific amounts and specific time frames. If you pick futures, or options then you'd have to pick a specific contract.

Lot's of people like to talk in generalities, anybody up for seeing who knows what, over say a six month time frame?


Nah. I'm really not that smart when it comes to this stuff.


With the major nations devaluing their currency to try and boost exports Gold, Silver and oil are very safe places to be.

It looks like silver is on its way to 30+ an ounce right now so that is my short term investment. The dollar did its shoulder head shoulder bounce this year and is now in a free fall.


Thanks for the update John. I hope you won't get mad if I ignore financial advice read on a bodybuilding message board and continue to use my usual sound investment practices.


Just curious why you think that if someone is serious about investing, they're going to go around telling people what they are investing in, while they are trying to buy up as much of it as they can?


Mostly because I highly doubt anyone reading this will have the resources needed to drive up the price of any of the investments we would be discussing.


Never know. The people that might look in on this site might surprise all of us.


That's true but I can assure you they're NOT taking any financial advice that they read on this site. Now if it comes to making your biceps larger while they're making money, well this is the place to get the info.


Agreed, if someone who did have that sort of liquid resources was looking in on here they wouldn't be betting the farm on anything listed in this post.


Why wouldn't they, it be a little strange to be getting financial information from this site, but it could happen.


I'll bite currently I have options on GE and BAC.
GE I have sold calls set for Jan 2012 with a strike price of 17.50
GE I have a small amount that I am using to sell puts with a strike price of 16 that I keep issuing for a 1 month time frame. So far I have sold these for the past several months.

BAC I have sold calls set for Jan 2012 with a strike price of 15.00

my target yield on the option is 10% initial return. This does not include a strike price at a profit or dividends that could be collected from these companies until the option is exercised.

If called that R0I is at a minimum of a low 20% return to 27% from original purchase price.

I asked a question of the gold bugs in HH about why none of them write options on Gold? I am actually considering buying a couple of 2012 contracts with a reasonable strike price. Since God has been performing at 20% for the last couple of years, and I have been reading some trusted sources on predictions of it not slowing I am considering this route.

I am long on brazil, china, and India for foreign growth. I am also a big fan of dividend investing in local US companies.

So you can see where my speculating investing is as well as my longterm view.