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Your Input on Starting Over

Hey guys. This is one of my first posts… so just a little backround info. 5’10, 245ish, about 11% bf right now. Been training for 11years or so. mostly it was for sport specific football. After college ended i have been doing MAX-OT training. i am looking to get back to my basics…

Full Squat, Deadlifts, Hang Cleans, heavy barbell rows, bench press, and Standing Push Presses. Add weighted pull ups, barbell curls, weighted dips, heavy abdominal work, and some core work (back extensions, reverse hypers, GMs or glute hams) and that should make up 95-100% of the total number of exercises i wanna do. Maybe some heavy incline DB bench as well. Simple and hard is the key here for me. i was thinking 5x5’s???

i basically wanna start over because i have been using MAT-OT principals for so long. the whole one bodypart per week thing kind of has me in a rut. back to real basics. Help with what excercises should be done on what days coupled with the other excecises would be greatly appreciated. just basic principles would be needed and i can toy with it a little. id like to start, you know, squatting 2x per week, benching 2x per week, DL 2x per week… something new… my body can handle it for sure.

I am just not sure how to organize the weekly and daily schedule. which excercises should be done with which, on what days etc etc. haha my whole life i have had a coach or max-ot setting up the schedules for me hahah so now i dont knwo what to do. sorry my english is ok but not the greatest. thanks in advance guys. keep it bumped if you can. cheers

oh yeah, and i am looking to stay away from boards, bands, and chains for the time being. thanks again guys.

Can you be a bodybuilder without board, bands, and chains?

[quote]rmccart1 wrote:
Can you be a bodybuilder without board, bands, and chains?[/quote]

i am not a competative bodybuilder, but minus the sarcasm the answer to that question is a resounding “yes”.

Are you the same smashing machine that used to post on anabolex years back?

[quote]rmccart1 wrote:
Can you be a bodybuilder without board, bands, and chains?[/quote]

Failry sure arnold,sergio and the golds gang didnt have any…so

been a member for a long time NYP.

then you would know me from back in the day too. My name here is new as is my info i used to post and be well known for years under a very Irish Name.

Btw, love your avatar.

[quote]CaramelCookie wrote:
Btw, love your avatar.[/quote]

Thank you very much :slight_smile: i have always found it to be quite a captivating moment, but you are the first to ever comment on it.

on the subjects of my lifts guys im thinking im just going to go with the ol bill starr route with the 5x5’s… and obviously sticking to the compound lifts.

This is an interesting concept about starting over. I’ll be following with interest if you post on it.

I typically use a Westside Barbell routine, so I’m not sure I’d be any good for a true bodybuilder. But kudos on your stats, you’ve definitely got some serious mass going on.

Oh, you might want to check into some of Christian Thibaudeau’s articles. He’s got a lot of interesting things, though I don’t know if it would satisfy your desire to get back to the basic concepts. He’s one of my fav. authors here because of his way of looking at things.

Another one you might want to check out is Chad Waterbury–he gets a lot of flak on some of the things he’s written (he is not a fan of body part splits at all!), but some of his “high frequency” training articles I found fascinating.

Mostly I stick to upper/lower splits and performance based splits though.

Good luck!