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Your IF Diet



Since I love eating rather big meals than eating small ones I have been trying IF for a while. I really love it, except for the big stomach I sometimes have after eating 2000 cals or similar. I am bulking at the moment but I want to try IF anyway. I would like to collect some ideas from meal plans of other people who have performed or are performing IF during their bulk.


The biggest problem while bulking for me was eating enough volume in the feeding window. I'm still trying to stretch my stomach out. I do high carb/low fat on workout days which makes it tough to hit my calorie goal. Easy enough to do on the rest days of high fat/low carb


My day looks like so

Noonish big salad

1 or 2pm 6oz meat

400 Pre/during workout 30g pro from whey with bcaas added

615ish post workout shake 30g hydrolyzed whey maybe soem dextrose if i want

630-930 feedign frenzy: 1st meal 90g carb 80g pro. 2cd meal 150g carb 50g pro. 3rd meal 150g carb 30-40g pro

I will also snack in between those meals and add in another 30-60g carb and a bit more pro based on how hungry i still am.

After the day is totaled its anyhwere from 3500-4000cal 450-500gcarb 300ish pro and fat where it falls which is normally 60ish g. The carbs are all from rice, potatoes, oatmeal, and a small bit of fruit. Pro is lean mean, greek yogurt and non fat cream cheese


18 yo, 5"8, 170lb, 12% BF

Fast 8pm-12pm.

12pm - 3x raw undenatured whey, 2x brown rice protein, 1/2 cup rolled oats, 1tbsp coconut oil, 1tbsp Greens, stevia, cinnamon, chia fiber. = 100g protein, 32g carbs, 14g fiber, 20g fat (830 calls). (This i food process into a thick cinnamony mixture which smells and tastes amazing)

3:20pm - 10g BCAA, followed by workout with strong lifts 5x5 for about 1 hour.

5pm - I have this set up for Recomp but now that i am not recouping i just add more cals to this dinner template, here is what i would eat wednesday ----> 20oz wild salmon, 1/2 cup quinoa, lots of veggies like Bok choy or swiss chard. --> I would add a bunch more protein and fat to this, i keep cards below 100 on training days, i prefer fat and protein.


Fast 9pm-1or2pm 20yrs, 5'10, 190lbs, ~9-10%BF

8am: Wake up to Whey/casein blend and a multi-v, although some may consider this breaking the fast, it's only about 100kcal.

1pm: BCAA & Beta-A during w/o

2pm: post w/o 8-10oz chicken breast w/ 2 sweet potatoes, Creatine, and a homemade protein bar thats got 20g pro/ 5 g fat / 20g carbs

4pm: 8oz cottage cheese, loads of broccoli

8pm: 8oz Ground turkey breast, 4 eggs, cup cooked spinach, fat-free refried beans OR salmon and brown rice w/ vegg

til 9pm: snack on some peanuts/almonds & cottage cheese & whey/casein protein shake w/ almond milk

Usually about 2000-2300kcal ~ 65g fat, 120g carbs, 250g pro


I'm doing a high protein, moderate fat, low carb bulk.

Something like this:

6 PM- pre workout 5 BCAA


7:30 PM- Post Workout 5 BCAA

8:00 PM- Whey (45 protein, 200 cals),
Berry Blend 280 grams (180 cals),
VCO (14 fat, 130 cals),
[510 cals total] makes a thick blend

1000g Beef Heart +VCO (220 protein, 54 fat, 1250 cals),
Spicy Wasabe Cabbage salad (10 fat, 200 cals),
Sweet Potatoe 300 g (60 carbs 240 cals),
Another thick shake as per earlier [45 grams protein, 14 fat 510 cals],

2710 cals (at least 320 protein, 92 fat, <100 grams of carbs.

Off days I go down to about 2000 and I cut from the protein and carbs departments.


Wow, you guys have some complicated plans.

12:00 Footlong double meat subway sandwich
4:00 Footlong double meat subway sandwich
8:00 20z steak with mashed potatoes

Totals: 2800cals, 270g protein, 240g carbs, 100g fat

This is for maintenance.


Wouldnt say they are complicated just more homemade


Any particular reason you decrease protein and increase carbs through your feeding period? general idea is to have your biggest meal after the workout and less the rest of the day.


the protien decrease is just how it works. I normally have a massive bowl of oatmeal with some protien powder in it. Thats where the pro comes from. Really you think tappering is gonna have that much of effect in 3hrs? I think not. And really i am pretty sure getting your macros in is what counts. And the 3hrs post workout is the perfect time to have all my calories like that tappering will have no effect. But if you have a scientifc explanation as to why a tapper in that amount of time would matter and why my post workout meal 1 needs to be bigger than post workout meal 2 even though the second is only 2hrs later.


You are correct in that it wont matter too much. Just wondering why you were doing things counter to current advice. It actually looked like you planned it this way for a specific reason. Was curious since you seem the type to do everything for a reason.


Thought exaclty the same. At the moment I am eating something like this :

oats, fruits, chicken
pasta , veggies, chicken
potatoes , steak
eggs , nuts

totally about 4000 cal


I do like to but i am trying to just make sure things fit my schedule and how i like to eat. And i would rather sit down and watch some TV after dinner and that is when i like to consume the majority of my cals while i am doing nothing watching TV. Just works better that way


Fair enough. I do the same actually. Watch a good movie or tv series. really, truly relaxing is the best way to eat IMO.


Relaxing after a monster workout even better :slight_smile: