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Your Ideal Weightlifting Belt?


If you could fashion a belt for weightlifting, how would it look like?

I've tried powerlifting belts but found that they are too unwieldy and stiff. The weightlifting belts are more comfortable (padded back, softer/thinner material) but at 5cm/2", the front section is just too narrow. My ideal belt would be weightlifting belt but with the front section widen to perhaps 7.5-10cm (3-4") or so. I've been thinking about the fastening system but I don't know if there's anything better than the common buckle with prong system. Oh and no textile/nylon POS.


A weightlifting belt has a maximum width it can be also...



i have an old school white Russian belt from the 80s, still has some Russian lettering on the inside.

love it


Koing, is the belt similar to the one powerlifters use?


I don't often use a belt, but when I do, my Valeo competition belt has never failed me.


An oly belt is smaller then an PL belt.