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Your Ideal Vacation?


What would your ideal vacation be?

I've often thought YEAAAH CARIBBEAN BABY! But I have actually decided I'd like to buy a 1968 Chevrolet Impala and travel around America, Canada and possibly Mexico.

I'm from the UK and I have a thing for American cars and lots of open road.


What a beauty.


Nice ride man. Why go to the beach if you can have the sereo blasting with just you and the road.


I'm currently trying to figure out what I want to do for my vacation in September, prior to moving to Germany. Hawaii was mentioned, but I'm not sure just yet.


I would go all over Europe. I would also go around early June, so you beat the heat wave. I would buy an unlimited all around pass on the Euro-Rail and go EVERYWHERE. Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, Germany, and Switzerland in no particular order. I would go wherever my heart desired and photograph all of it.

Something alot of people miss when on vacation, get away from the tourist areas and go hand with the locals. My uncle showed me this area while in Rome, and I swear I had the time of my life talking some good shit with the locals. I would also rent a car and drive the German Autobahn, because I have yet to see anyone drive faster and crazier than them.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2syY12OPkwI you've probably seen this, so I'd advise against their little experiment... other than that, I think its a really good idea! Have fun!




I would ride a Harley from Pittsburgh to Seattle, down to San Diego, back through Texas to Miami, then back up the coast to home. Add at least 3 of my best bros and that is the time of my life. Just think of all the booze, broads, and brawls you'd encounter in that 9000+ miles. Heaven.


Amen to that!


Of all my vacations, the most memorable ones were backpacking through Japan and road-tripping across the States. Next up, I'd like to live in Japan for a few months/years, and chill in Rio for a few weeks. Don't know if those qualify as "Vacations" though :).


Brother, were on the same page! My ideal vacation is coming up in Sep. Me, my muzzleloader, and a mule deer buck tag in my pocket. We differ in that you are catch and release and unfortunately there's no release in my endeavor. But, the same elements apply and are valued by us, having a mission where the bar is set high, solitude save for one or two other people to share a camp, and the beauty of the great outdoors. I could spend a month or more up there if possible.



It would have something to do with backpacking and going to Japan, New Zealand, Australia, various countries in Europe. Maybe not all at once.


For the price of a Hawaii vacation you can do much better bro


just got back from Spain (barcelona, valencia, mellorca), France (Nice, Ese, Cassis and some other shit) and Italy (Florence and Rome)

it was pretty dope. good as far as cultural shit goes. but the partying outside of the cruise ship was pretty meek if not completely vacant as i was with my Aunt and Mother. it would be cool to go with friends for hardcore partying.

if you plan on going to any of those places your best bet is Barcelona, pretty much a party town, tons of hot chicks - just watch out for pick pockets, thankfully none got me or my family.

id like to check out eastern europe. there was a lot of Ea. Europe crew on the ship and the chicks from Romania were all pretty hot, including this prostitute i met in Rome but i didnt buy her cause 300 Euros is a lot of money...especially when i think there was gonna be more negotiating.

so anyway, East Europe - Bulgaria @ the Black Beach. that would be pretty dope.


Sweden or Iceland.

Think of the chicks, man.


Good call for not going with the 3000 Euro hooker, thats a shit ton of money. You are talking about $4200 dollars. Glad to hear you had a good time, I was wondering how your trip would go. I always like to hear people's opinions when they go to Europe. Sounds like Barcelona was your favorite from your story.


i'd like to sign up for the gumball rally, get my car, get one of my buddies and drive, it looks like alot of fun


Yeah man that actually does look fun. I think T-Nation should do it... Some how I find the mental image of TC and others doing the gumball listening to Limp Bizkit - Rollin' pretty funny.


and you know they'd be the most bad ass scariest looking guys on the road, not one of those rich guys would make fun of them haha, and even if they did i bet TC is a pretty good smartass, not to mention he could break a rich guy in half


woah, i said three hundred not three thousand.

but so what happened was some dude came up to me and was talking about this strip club (i saw a few advertisments on the street for it anyway) and i was talking to him about cover charges, dress code etc etc and he said only 25 euro for a drink and a lapdance or something. im like alright thats cool. so i go in and sit down he gets my drink and some girl sits down next to me we introduce ourselves and make small talk.

then this tool bag comes back with a bottle of champagne and im like nah dude im good, i dont want any champagne because it was 300 Euros. then the girl explained that you buy the champagne and you get the girl or something. but i was flipping out cause i was feeling like i was getting hustled and i figured that there would keep being more and more shit i had to buy.

i was ready to fuck someone up at that point because i was so mad. so then i just left and went to the Hard Rock for a drink but their bar was a dead scene, then i went to the Trevi (sp) fountain and had a beer. Italians are shit bags bruh. The only negative interactions i had with anyone were all in Rome...and with a girl i got way too drunk with that ended up being not so hot, but i dont want to get into that last part so much.

Barcelona was cool though. Only downside is it's hard to find a satisfying meal. The portions over there are much different, the biggest meal i had the whole trip was in Rome @ The Hard Rock Cafe which of course is an American franchise.

I'll say this too, you dont really notice the difference between America and Europe until you get back. You just notice immediately how many fat people there are here and not like slightly out of shape but straight up fat. There were still plenty of fat Europeans, trust me but the difference is staggering.

Also on my drive home i just noticed how tacky everything here looked. Major cities are a lot different certainly, but thats just how it felt for me. all in all it feels nice to be back.