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Your Honest Opinions and Advice on First Cycle

I would like your advice and opinions. First a little background. I’m 35 years old and been lifting consistently for about 7 years. I feel I’m close to ornhave reached my genetic limit. I’m 5’7 and I usually fluctuate between 75-80kg I am always very lean about 9-10% body fat. I usually eat around 2500-3000 calories and maintain this size. I just ordered some gear for a first cycle. I ordered test E. 500mg a week. Week 1-12. Week 13-14 nothing and week 15-17 nolvadex at 25mg per day. I also have dbol 25mg tabs I was thinking of running 25mg per day for weeks 1-4.

But I haven’t decided yet if I want to do that or not. Maybe I’ll just stick with the test. What’s your thoughts about this and is there anything missing or anything else I should have on hand in case of emergency? Also about my training I usually run a 4 day or 5 day per week bro split. Is it ok to continue doing this? If you have any other suggestions I’d love to hear them. Oh, one last question, what can I expect from a cycle like this especially this being my first cycle. I’m not going to compete or anything like that, I just want to make some progress and hopefully look better and feel better. Thanks for your help.

This is my first post here. Hope I get some good answers.

Hey man - welcome. I think that you should stick with just the test for cycle one. At that dose I wouldn’t use an anti e - some people need it though so. Leave the dbol out for cycle one. Good luck! Oh and as far as your split - just train hard man. I know that sounds generic but if your split has got you where you are now just keep up the intensity.

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Thanks for the info, I have the dboll already but i’m really leaning towards just keeping it for a second cycle and just running test and then nolva for ptc. Ive gotten decent results from my training and off on strict dieting

here are some pics of my current status. hope you can see them. first time to post not sure i’m doing it correctly. anyway i hope to start my cycle around august. I already have the compounds on hand, but i still need to get some needles. anything else I need? Am I leaving anything out?

Hey man! First of all, you look like you have a great starting point just by looking at your pictures. I suggest running Test for the first cycle just to see how your body handles everything. For one, you are going to be injecting foreign compounds into your body, so there will probably be some pain and swelling. Keep it simple on the first cycle and build from there. Also, you could experiment with different injection sites. Personally, I hate pinning in my glutes so i go into the quads. Hopefully it all works for you! Good luck!


thanks, appreciate the help.

Great spot to be running a first cycle from.

Agreed on just Test, best to see how u react from one compound at a time rather than introducing multiple. Would keep a anti-e on hand just in case personally, even though 90% of people wont have issues at 500mg.

Also would suggest running nolva and clomid at tapering dosages throughout the 4 weeks of PCT but again it may not be necessary.

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great, thanks for your time. I still have some time to do more research before i begin. I can still make adjustments to this cycle. I want to go in with a good solid plan and execute. I’m a little excited and a little scared at the same time. So I want to make sure everything is in place before i begin.


Honestly if you have anti-e on hand, a PCT plan set up, and you’re only running 500mg of Test E there is extremely little to be nervous about. Just keep the eating, training, and rest up and you’re gonna make it