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Your Homebrew Results/Experiences?

Found some great info on home brewing, and curious who has done it and what we’re your results.

Obviously, the price is right, but is it worth the work?

IMO, this isn’t the right question. It is worth the work to get that price unless your hourly rate is say over $500/hr.

The right question is: is it worth the legal risk? You need to procure raws. Generally people buy 100 grams at least. I don’t think that will just get thrown in the trash if found.

It isn’t worth it for me.


True story… I had a friend who worked at a hospital and used to brew his shit in their lab. Nothing like a high dollar autoclave at your disposal!


Guess I should’ve said “worth the time”

From a cost perspective of course. If you’re just using a little extra Test and some other cheaper compounds in one-two light blasts a year I can’ see it being worth it. From a legal standpoint I can’t see it being worth the risk in the US.

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I wonder where AAS fall in this…

Well the article states…

“Drugs specified by the measure include LSD, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, methadone, oxycodone, and MDMA — commonly known as ecstasy.”

I think those buff Oregonites are out of luck.

Great for cutting, not so productive for mass. :rofl:


I had a friend and workout partner back in the 1990’s who had obtained quite a bit of Finaflix pellets (implants) who dissolved them in safflower oil (I believe) over enough heat to dissolve the pellets. He then filtered out the pellet carrier substance, added some benzyl alcohol (I believe) and bottled and labeled it as “Cow”

He did spend some time in prison, but it was primarily for Ecstasy and other steroids he had mailed from Europe to his house.

The risk is a lot higher with raws. Possession is bad. Possession with intent to distribute is much worse. And no, you will not be able to make a compelling argument that you didn’t intend to sell if you’re ordering a large enough quantity. Even if you somehow can make that argument stick it’ll cost you tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees and you’ll still end up in prison for some amount of time (on account of the possession charges).

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I agree with you. I do think it is a bit silly that it is really hard to get out of the “intent to distribute” with high quantities. I could easily have 100 grams of Test e or c that I keep in raw form for strictly personal use. Sure it is 10 years worth of TRT, but the raws keep, and it would sure be nice to only buy every 10 years, and also pay like a dollar a gram.

I am assuming 100 grams would be marked as intent to distribute. I can agree to over say a kilo being beyond personal use.

This is it. For $$ spent on 18mts TRT, I could be set for 30 years.

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