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Your Hobbies, Other Than Lifting?

Other than lifting, what are a few of your hobbies?

I dig guitar and pretty much anything outdoors myself.

playing sports (volleyball, softball)

watching football


watching movies

that’s about it

Fishing, golfing anything outdoors. Used to love to ride mountain bikes but haven’t done that in a long time.

Books, camping and fishing, books, skiing and snowshoeing, books, college football and basketball, books.

Sewing, video games, & swimming

BJJ, movies, video games, and participating in sexual intercourse with attractive females.

Are you this texas guy?


I remember someone was asking about you in another thread.

If that’s not you, uh, I don’t do much else.

I only lift weights. . . .

cycling, golf, photography (although I need to do more), guitar (need to practice more), and video games from time to time.

I love outdoors stuff too, camping, hiking, shooting, etc…

Fishing, Want to start Hunting.

Electronic Music production(takes most of my time) IE Tech-house House
DJ in clubs and parties.

GTA4 and Guitar Hero has my short term attention ATM.

Books, outdoor stuff(camping, shooting, etc…), Mixed Martial Arts, cooking, drinking, playing sports.

Drinking. Everything else is stupid.

[quote]WolBarret wrote:
Drinking. Everything else is stupid.[/quote]

I did not know he meant life-style choices as well. I am part of Wol’s group. (Too often I’m afraid)

[quote]FormerlyTexasGuy wrote:
Other than lifting, what are a few of your hobbies?

I dig guitar and pretty much anything outdoors myself. [/quote]

That is a big sumbitch (the fish, I mean).

I read alot. My tastes are pretty much all over the place, but Heartbreak Hill by Thomas Cooke and the Amber series by Zelazny are among my favorites. I also read random books about whatever subject in which I happen to have an interest that week.

I also write (or at least poorly attempt to write) nearly every day (if my girl will leave me alone). Any other writers on here?

I also spend alot of time looking up things I don’t know. I like dictionaries and Encyclopedias alot.

I like to say guitar, but that’s not really my hobby–more like a job.

Man, this thread is depressing. All I do is practice guitar, eat, lift heavy shit and go to class/do stuff for class.

Movies (duh), video games, books, rock climbing, basketball (watching and playing), watching football, beer, occasional drumming and singing. I want to start playing bass.

I like Star Wars.

I read and watch movies a lot. I love football. I like outdoors shit, especially hiking, canoeing, fishing, and shooting but don’t get the chance to do any of that as often as I’d like. I also hope to volunteer with a rescue squad soon.

My boss got fired and until they finally promote or hire her replacement my work schedule is fucked, and so are my hobbies.

I enjoy high quality marijuana, video games, college and professional football, movies, going to concerts, and watching good television (nothing on ABC, CBS, NBC, MTV, etc.), and just generally doing anything outdoors, but especially walking, biking, swimming, hiking, kayaking.

Me I spin FIRE POI!!!

That isn’t me but I’m almost that good. aside from that; boxing, writing comics (nothing major), bass guitar, smoking weed, playing nutritional Guru to my mates, drinking and general partying of any nature.

cycling (road mostly, as coastal area’s have little to offer for mt.biking) photography, wow my life is pretty boring isn’t it…