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Your HIT Routine. Shoulder Focus


Currently doing the HIT routine from your book with pauul carter.

If i want to focus on more shoulder size, specifically more width, how would i do this?

The push day is currently
Incline bench
Smith machine press
Front raise
Side raises
Lying dumbell extensions
Cable extensions

Inwas thinking about subbing the front rasies and the extions for two more width iso movements or one more press (machine)

Thanks ct


Incline bench press

Smith machine shoulder press

Scott press (a mix of Arnold press and lateral raise)

Pitcher raise (at the top it looks like you are pouring water from a pitcher: thumbs lower than pinkies)

Incline lateral raise

Lying DB triceps extension

Cable pressdown


Thank you!


Ct I find that the best movement to build mass on my shoulders is standing dumbell press, could I sub that in for the smith press and then make the incline press a smith press instead to balance out the neural fatigue of the session?


Sure, I see no issue with that