Your Highest Testosterone Level and What Were You On?

I’m curious what levels some hit. Whats the highest your Testosterone level has ever tested at and what were you on?

Over 5000. I think I was running about a gram a week.

P.S. I wasnt very smart in the early days of taking steroids. I had been on a shitty TRT dose and felt like shit. When I started my on my own, I was like a kid in a candy store and took a shitload.

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2000 and that was 5 days after a single shot of 200 mg depot test

1500 on 250mg test (few days post shot)

I was in the mid 4000s this cycle. 500 test E per week.

3700 on 200mg test c and 300mg mast e per week.

is that total test? I’m in the UK so when I had mine tested I was 64.4nmol/L which is double our norms (7-31). however when I try to use a conversion calculator it only comes up as like 1600. I was on 500mg test e per week so I’m wondering if my levels should have been about 90nmol/L. I’m hella confused!

Highest level was 10,200. Was on 1500 mg test prop and Dbol. Test two days after powerlifting meet-I benched 510 at 242.

That doesn’t sound rite at all …

Mast e shouldn’t have anything to do with testosterone levels . 200 mgs a week and 3700 total t levels is unheard of !!

My thoughts also that makes me wonder what was in my ugl mast e?
I do have more from the same supplier and I’m looking to get a labmax kit to see before I use it again.