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Your Hardest Workout


I just finished week 3 from the hungarian oak leg blast. After squatting for three minutes I collapsed to the ground unable to stand. got myself up and managed to get up the stairs and get to the leg extension machine. I reached failure after every five reps my legs simply would not lift the weight (but you have to ignore wat your body does and says sometimes) and so I continued to drop weight until two sets of 30 were completed. I than crawled to the stairs and slid down on my butt down to the leg curl machine. My friend told me to get to states in wrestling and become a WNBF pro you need fifteen reps, my hanstrings felt like they were about to detach from the bone but I gritted my teeth got through it. It was by the far my hardest workout.

Wat was your hardest workout?


Please tell me you ate a pound of steak after that leg workout!


lol busy doing that right now. My god all the pain is worth it once the endorphins hit your system.


I was forced to run nine miles the day after a hard leg day at the end of last year. Let me reemphasize that this wasn't by choice, so no "wtf were you thinking" comments.


Pretty much exactly what I was thinking.

My hardest workout: wrestling practice. Well, some people may not count it, so my real hardest workout was when I did a leg day to completely destroy my legs by squats, leg press, leg curls, and then supersets of front squats and RDLs with no rest between the two exercises and only 30 seconds rest between sets. But, it was really, really fun.


Ultimate frisbee practice for 4 hours.. followed the next day by the tourney for about 6 hours... then i had the bright idea to squat the next day. i literally couldnt walk for about a week

p.s. i am a pussy


Repeat Stair Runs/Climbs up Pattaya City Hill with my 40kg Thai wife on my back... absolutely a killer as I don't stop until I can't even lift my feet... let alone my legs.

Hell's Bells... you know the complete 100 Dead-Hang Pull-Ups, 100 Push-Ups, 100 Sit-Ups, and 100 "Air" Squats for best time.

Death Rattles... perform maximum number of Burpees and Dead Hang Pull-Ups within Ten-Minutes (Scoring: Burpees = 1 pt. / Pull-Ups = 2 pts.)


As with alot of comments, my hardest workout was also Legs. The leg workout from phase 3 of CT's beast building program. It was harder mentally to continue since my legs were yelling not to do another set. Soo many super sets... squats/deads, lunges/db squats/leg curl, also the best leg workout I did :smiley:


Why the hell are the squat rack, leg extension machine, and leg curl machine all on different floors? Where do you workout?


My old gym was like that. There wold be a free weight room downstairs with squat racks, benches, DBs, a pool, sauna, and a Hammer Strength room, then upstairs there is all the cardio equipment and other various machines.

It was actually a great gym in terms on equipment, but the management was shit-tay


Probably one of the lower levels of Hell.


My hardest workout was actually outside of the gym. I used to work in a building with 42 stories and decided to take the stairs all the way up and down as quickly as possible.


Burpee + pull up combo imo, or a squat workout. (3x5 at 65 75 85% max then 3x10 then 3x20 then collapse on the floor)


looks like legs are by far the hardest thing to train when you go intensly. Wrestling workouts It counts man nothing is harder than a wrestling workout somedays. I would lift in the morning before school and than wrestle for 2-3 hours I could barely move by the end of the season my joints were so full of lactic acid build up or something.

I work out at two different gyms one is just a hardcore pit which I prefer the TNT gym. The other is a fitness center but has alot more ways to work my calves. So I work legs there and the machines are up top to lure people in than there are free weights in the basement.

9 miles after leg day, that would build some pain tolerance good lord.


I have two workouts that have hit me about as hard.

1) Old-school 20-rep breathing squats. I did a single set of 8 in the deadlift after completing the squats and I could barely do my job during the day (I work out in the morning).

2) No-rest supersets. 8 sets of 3 of front squats/top hold pullups and the same thing for deadlifts/push press.