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Your Hardest Workout Ever?


Thought this might make for an interesting topic. What is the hardest workout that you have ever done? Or what is the workout that left you the sorest? For me personally I had to run the 12 minute run test (run around a track for 12 minutes and get as many laps as possible), I proceeded to get perfect on it, but then I had a goalie training session with my goalie coach only an hour after running this,where he skated us for about 20 minutes and there was hardly anyone there so I got a buttload of shots. My legs have never been that sore, for the next two days it killed just to walk up a flight of stairs.


Some of my squat heavy/pull heavy workouts have been pretty been taxing. Example-

Box squat in suit/briefs with 300 lbs of band tension working up to a max double (518 or 529, I think) then hitting rack pulls for sets of 5 up to low 800s, and then finish with some high rep glute-ham raises and leg extensions. That's the kind of thing that lands my on the couch for the rest of the day.

The toughest bench workouts have been reverse band presses where you work up to a max triple, then reduce the band tension and adjust the bar weight accordingly an take another triple, repeat this process for a total of 5 triples. Five max triples will leave your triceps feeling like hamburger helper.


The toughest workout to complete: CrossFit's Fight Gone Bad - 3 rounds of 1 min box jump, 1 min wall ball, 1 min burpees (in place of rowing), 1 min sumo deadlift high pull, and 1 min push press with 1 min rest between rounds. The goal is to do as many total reps of the different exercises as possible, and I think my best score was a 350-something. This is one of those things that teaches you how to really push yourself past your self-imposed limits. It also builds pain tolerance like none other.

The workout that kicked my ass the most in days following it: Squatting in full gear always crushes me for a few days (I call it Squat Flu), but the worst soreness I can ever get comes from training calves too hard after not training them for a while. Weak shit but that's the truth. I'll be limping everywhere for a week.




Mine get tougher every day but a few days ago I was pushing myself further than usual on DB Flyes at the end of my workout on chest/shoulders day. Ended up with a nice tension headache for 2 days!


My hardest workout was when I was doing some CT workout or something where you take your calculated 27RM (i know, wtf?) and do 25 reps with it for 2 sets. 1st set- rough. 2nd set- stumbling around, vision blacked out, had to sit for about 30min outside of the weight room to collect myself.

I never have that kind of trouble on more PL friendly programs...

Prowler does me in pretty badly tho, especially following a couple heavy triple sets of squats..


Legit though my hardest workouts ever were when I was on the wrestling team. That was a bitch. Especially the first week, when we tried to cut out all the people just doing it to get in shape.


The Wednesday workout of the first week of Sheiko #40. Alternatively, the first workout of the first week of Sheiko #30 was not pleasant either.


Lol it's funny how much I actually agree with those 3 points.

I hit a HUGE Fran PR today, 8.32, previous best = 12.02 6 weeks ago. I was fcuking shattered after it.

Full gear squats just suuuuuuuuuck. Pulling full gear after is equally horrible and compounds it.

A 9 for 9 meet where you strain hard on all 3 final attempts is just the most brutal thing ever imo!!


Mine would be the "barfing" contests me and my old training partner would do.

These were all out leg workouts which consisted of pushing past your sticking points on every exercise for assisted reps and drop sets. The goal was to make the other guy puke by out-lifting, out-repping, etc. Whoever puked first, lost and had to buy our post-workout meal.

These were truly brutal and you're being egged on the entire time, not to mention others in the gym would come by and circle around to watch, so you really couldn't whimp out. Plus you got all them saying "C'mon do another, do another" so you would just to outdo your buddy.



when i was doing conditioning for boxing a few years ago.. i decided to put on a hoody and carry cinder blocks up & down 6 flights of stairs..

up and down 15 times..

i caught a flu or something immediately after the training session.. my immune system got toasted.


20 rep squat with 225, then 2 burnouts at 185..

that left me sore for a little over a week


another boxing conditioning workout.. i wanted to see how many times i could run up the 6 flights of stairs in 48 minutes.. i got to 20 pretty fast (~24 minutes), but then after that i started to hit the wall.. i ended up getting 32 and i lost 11 lb. in that 48 minutes.

i had some nasty chest pain for 2 weeks.. probably cause i lost so much water so fast.. i dont think ive ever lost that much water that fast before, maybe i have, but i doubt it.



I tried to do a 10x10 with 225, but I gassed at the 8 set and left the gym. i couldnt get onto the toilet seat!


The first squat workout when I started 531. I hadn't done any back squatting for a while, it was all front squats and box squats for about 2 months before that. I also had never really done any heavy leg pressing before, so I decided to give that a go after the squats. I could not walk right for days, my legs were still sore for my deadlift workout, 96 hours later. The deadlift workout got some blood going and I finally felt like a person again after that.


This sounds very interesting!! I think this will be the routine AFTER my meet lol


Waterbury's shit kills me. Triple Total Training or something like that. I wanted to forget it.


I'd have to agree 100%. Usually I have some long and boring account of the workout after my log entry. After Week 1 Day 2 of Sheiko #40 all I could write was:

"3 hrs 10 min.
Fuck my life.
I skipped the last two sets of Elevated Deads because my hands were torn up. I'll have to find some Superglue before my next workout."

Other recent brutal workouts would include Week 4 Day 3 of the Smolov Intense Meso Cycle. After just establishing a 50lb PR in the Squat, it had me do 3 sets of 4 with 95% of my NEW max. This was roughly 104% of my max from 6 weeks prior. If that's too much math, take your max, add 4% to it and do 3 sets of 4 with it. I've had plenty of workouts that left me dizzy, neauseous, head spinning, etc. This was nothing like that. I just plain wanted to curl up in a ball and die from CNS overload.


Mine had to be a speed endurance session our coach had us do: 24 x 150m sprints @ 100% intensity. By the last one I could barely lift my feet off the ground to complete a stride.


Squats 5 at 135 5 at 185 5 at 225 5 at 315 3 at 365 2 at 405 3X2 at 475 five minute rests 5X2 at 375 90 second rests Lightening method Squats (black band) 2 at 525 2 at 585 2 at 605 suit with belt, no wraps.
then front squats 4X5 at 225 Decline weighted sit-ups. Seriously killed me.


I did about 8 minutes on a Stairmaster yesterday and thought I was going to die.... I think I'm out of shape....


Probably the roughest workout for me was the other year during crew practice. During winter training the coach would give us intervals every once in a while, just to see how much pain we could take. The worst was one called the "tower of power". In this workout you started at 100m on the erg, and worked up to 1000m. You would rest as long as it took your partner to cover the distance. Up was hell. Down was even worse. I ended up throwing up three times between 500m and 100m. On the last one my calf cramped up and I flailed to the finish. Ugly, ugly morning.