Your gym

I was just wondering if anyone out there has lifts at any gym’s that any famous people lift at? And if you have any good stories about anything you witnessed or overheard?

Yes, I used to work out at a gym in Coral Springs, FL that housed the likes of Yvonne Vazques, Gillian Hodge, Paul Dillet, Ann-Marie Crooks and Darrem Charles. Third tier IFBB pro Viggo Snohill(spelling?) came in now and again as well. Kee-rist, he was huge.

Two main observations:

1)Darrem Charles always looked amazing, and it was inspiring to A) work out with him and B) watch him practice his graceful posing routine. Top notch guy, all the way.

2)Paul Dillet had huge calves, and huffed and puffed like a tugboat pulling a barge loaded with scrap iron, even if he was moving from the standing calf raise to the seated one. His brow was HUGE! At one point I think I saw a Sherpa guide lead a group of novice mountain climbers to the summit just above Paul’s left eye.

And he wasn’t nearly as strong, or energetic as Darrem, whom I am convinced was completely natural, just a freak of nature.

As people they were all very fun to hang around with, and I was really impressed with Gillian Hodge's knowledge and dedication. And strength! Ann-Marie was simply excellent, too. Wow, what an electric personality! Always accused of being chemically assisted, all you had to do was hear Ann's voice: it never had that David-Lee-Roth-Androgen-Croak to it. Yvonne Vazques and I got to be good friends, and she was a great personal trainer as well. I noticed the women trainers (Hodge and Vazques) were more concerned with perfect form than ego weight. As a result, I was able to lift properly from the get go.

In short, it was a superb place to work out, mostly due to their presence.

I used to workout at Lee Haney’s in Atlanta. I saw several NFL guys, a few members of the US women’s Olympic basketball team, a bunch of NCAA athletes, and I even met Carl Lewis. Plus, of course, Lee Haney. What impressed me most? The speed-strength. Lots of guys can squat 315. But the athletes could just freakin’ explode with 315. Oh, and Lee Haney is the nicest person I have ever met.