Your Gym Playlist

Hi all!

Just wondering what your gym playlist consists of?

My phone broke recently, so I’ve been working out without my headphones on, which considered a form of torture at my gym, as the music they play there is awful.

My current playlist consists of:
Northlane - Alien (Album)
Meshuggah - Obzen (Album)
3 Architects Albums
More Northlane
Slipknots self titled album

What’s in your playlist?

Pretty much just Nine Inch Nails and Clutch.

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Pretty sure it’s the same music that is on the other 500 threads titled, What’s on your playlist.
But if you must know, Two Steps From Hell

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Last night I was squatting to Dark Side of the Moon. Was that the answer you were looking for?

Ive been on a Weird Al kick lately. Tool album comes out on Friday, at which point I’ll be on a Tool binge.

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Lately, I have been into Tupac a lot (especially the more gangster stuff). I also like some metalcore stuff like As I Lay Dying.

Must haven been an old thread, as I didn’t see one.

I apologise for my lack of originality.

Nice! AILD have a new track out that is pretty good! I’m glad they’re back together since the whole issue with TIm.

Rob Zombie
Black Sabbath
thats a few off the top of my head

I train at a gym where members have control of the music. I listen to what others put on (mainly metal) and if I am alone I listen to nothing.

Northlane’s first 2 albums
Veil of Maya

That or I listen to more pop-punk-ish bands like
Neck Deep
The Story So Far
Boxcar Racer
The Wonder Years

Been trying to listen to other stuff but it’s hard to find something I really like

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Current rotation:

Children of Bodom - Are you Dead yet?
Tool - Lateralus

I’ve been going back and forth between these two albums for the last 3 weeks now.

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Memory, Sorrow and Thorn.

If you haven’t heard of it, that’s because its an audiobook not a band.

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You have great taste!

Have you had the chance to listen to Northlane’s most recent album?
It’s really grown on me.

I haven’t really listened to a lot of Neck Deep, but I really like that song they did with Sam Carter.

I’m quite picky as well. I’d recommend the following though, based on what you’ve said (Although I’m guessing you’ve probably heard of them already):

Heart of a Coward
Crystal Lake
Oceans Ate Alaska

Listened to a few songs from Alien but haven’t given it much of a chance. I thought Mesmer was pretty good but I can’t listen to it for months on end like I can with Discoveries. Northlane was my introduction to the genre and their lyrics in the first 2 albums really drew me in.

I like pretty much everything from Neck Deep, their albums do get a bit more poppy as they go but still not bad.

Tried listening to Alaska after hearing about them a lot but I’m not a big fan of high screams. From what I’ve heard by Crystal Lake I might be able to get into them. Haven’t heard of the others so I’ll check them out.

Recently been listening to August Burns Red. They’re pretty good but I don’t think I could listen to them for months on end which is what I usually do when I find something I really like. For me it’s almost like certain albums are connected to 3-6 month periods of my life

I listen to a wide variety, however I listen to Whitechapel, Morbid Angel, Suffocation, Exhumed, Nile, Static X, Slipknot, Korn probably the most frequent of any artists.


The Saw Is The Law has one of the most impressive vocal performances ever.

I think Phil Bozeman is my favourite vocalist when it comes to screams.

Yeah, I ended up buying DIscoveries & Singularity on vinyl, as I don’t think I’ll ever stop listening to those albums.

I’m the same man, I end up listening to certain albums on repeat, then I find something new & repeat the process.

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