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Your Greatest Hypertrophy


Hey guys, for all of you out there that have been training for years and years this question is for you. As a bodybuilder in the off season the main objective is growth, and my question to you is threw your experience with all the new knowledge that has come about, do you find that the best hypertrophy can be achieved threw old school methods such as 5 by 5s with heaver weight or with newer methods using more reps to greater impact the muscle? ( i would appreciate any input on the topic)


Hint: when I gained the most I didn't follow any brand approach, I had the sufficient knowledge to design my own.


x2 and I use all rep ranges, but hard and heavy seems to be key.


I think the old saying, everything works, but not for too long.. (sorry if I F'd up the cliche) Says it best...

Of course bringing intensity to all your workous is a given (not always a given, i see alot of people in my gym who "go" to the gym, but i doubt they ever made any serious gains). At the end of the day you have to really feel like you gave it all you had.
And I think most importantly is just eating right. I seen the most improvements/gains personally, after I made my nutrition a top priority.

Probably something you've heard all the time, but its simple as that, just not easy.


I gotta agree with parrao about eating right. You're gonna make your best gains when your diet is spot on. If your diet is shit, you're most likely not gonna see much progress no matter what you're doing in the gym.


Your diet has to be spot on? Your caloric intake has to be more than enough to get big, if you put on more fat than muscle... clean it up and/or raise your daily activity.


What's worked for me:


  1. Eat 6+ meals throughout the day, regardless of cutting or bulking

  2. Protein in every meal.

  3. Get like 50% of your total calories in before/during/after your workouts

  4. Steak is wonderful.

  5. Green Crunchy Vegetables promote healthier veins.

  6. ADD MORE SALT (Better Nutrient transport + absorbtion)

  7. Understand the wonders of Carb Cycling

  8. Fast carbs near your workouts(Juice, Bread, Kool Aid), Slow carbs the rest of the day(Green Veg.)


  1. Cardio only on off days

  2. ALWAYS keep Bench, Squat, Deadlift, and Weighted Pull Ups in your routine.

  3. Freeweights over machines

  4. Low Volume of Sets (6-9 sets for big body parts, 4-7 for small ones) not including warmups

  5. WARM UP PROPERLY! like 4 - 5 warm up sets

  6. 4-6 reps works for me the best.

  7. Progressive Overload


  9. Use Chalk.


I like think that anyone who like works out does this already :stuck_out_tongue:
Come to think of it. 100% of my total calories come before/during/after my training. :slight_smile:





50% of your daily total calories an hour before your workout, some during your workout, and within 3 hours after your workout.

IE: If your diet was 2000 calories per day, ingest 250 calories an hour before you work out, another 250 during your workout, and 500 more no later than 3 hours after your workout. Spread the rest of the calories evenly throughout the day in 4 or 5 more meals with complex carbs.

Make more sense to you now? I know you already comprehend what my message was before, but seriously, grow up.


Are you on a low carb diet? Or are you normally that cranky?

Relax! It was a joke.


Find what works best for you. Don't feel like there is only one way to get big (i.e. doing squats, bench, deadlifts). Try different things and find which exercises you can really feel the most. I am not saying to never try something different, but don't feel like you HAVE to do an exercise simply because everyone else thinks it is the greatest.