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Your Greatest Gains Ever...


DC for me.




1995-1996, Grad school. Limited time to train, lotta time to sit and eat and rest. 3x a week poerlifting type split. hard n heavy, lotta protein, lotta sitting on my ass.



Not training like a pussy and stopped caring about "SuperPrograms" that has everything lined up perfectly.

May not be fancy, but damnit, it works.


The past 6 months, training chest/back every day (5x week), and two other muscle groups the second half of the workout.


Last winter, sleeping on the afternoons and drinking 2-3 litre whole milk per day in additional to my regular food. Gained a little fat, though, most of it is gone, and muscle remained..


Possibly a close 2nd was after I turned 18. It's like my T finally kicked in. Gained 25 lbs in 3 months without a change in diet (and it was awful too) while reducing body fat. Night and day difference.


Technically, my quickest gains ever happened before I even joined a gym, when I worked in a warehouse over summer. Eating like a horse and shifting around ceramic bathtubs put around 60lbs on me in 3 months (some fat, a lot of muscle - but I was emaciated beforehand).

I then spent the next month dieting down to about 190lbs, giving a fairly lean gain of 40lbs, 150lbs -> 190lbs. I joined a gym at 190lbs and began my training career from there.

My best gains once the newbie stage passed however were on DC, no doubt about that.


Wow that's impressive! Too bad those muscles weren't functional eh? :wink:


When i stopped going for max pounds and started focusing on form.


Definitely my senior year in HS. Rusty iron weights, metal playing over a cheap boombox, and having 2 lifting partners who knew there job was to push me to my limits.

This was also around the time I realized the importance of logging my weights. I had a strength coach who would hand me a sheet of the weights I HAD to hit for that day. Having that on paper was a real big factor in the amount of muscle and strength I gained that year.

I still hold the bench press record...chea! lol


same here. i had the worst form on most of my lifts just to make myself look better, and all i did was screw myself up. after dropping the weight and doing them right, my numbers have jumped, size has improved and my body doesnt ache nearly as bad