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Your Goals for 2003 - list 'em here!

Due to a discussion with some good friends, I thought I’d post this here. What are your Goals for 2003. Be it personal, spiritual, physical or professional. None of that “New Years Resolution” B.S. I’m talking GOALS that you desire to accomplish. And by golly, are going to accomplish to make 2003 your most successful year yet!

My goal is to create a need. I want to need to buy more weight cause my strength has increased.

1)To continue to grow in my faith with Christ
2)To pull down a solid GPA
3)To find a like-minded girlfriend
4)To get my BF back down by April and keep it there
5)To continue to add muscle mass
6)To learn, learn, learn

To get down to 10% bodyfat (from about 14-15%), put on at least 10lbs of lean mass, then get down to about 8% bodyfat. Trying to keep the goals realistic and attainable.

My goals are to crush my enemies, see them driven before me, and to hear the lamentations of their women.

Great thread! Here are my goals:

1) To finish 2 consecutive semesters of school (for me this would be huge).
2) To make the college hockey team as a starter.
3) To dominate the first half of the season (hey, you said 2003 only :) ).
4) To continue to learn and improve as a person.

My goal is to make it 'till 2004…Then worry about it.

First and most importantly, come out of my first year of college with 3.5-4.0 GPA.

Secondly, just make the most out of my time, whether it’s academics, social, working out, or just killing time, make it all count.

And since this is a the T-forum, I want to make it through Ian Kings Super Strength and Limping Series with great results, meaning that I’ll have to bust my ass to make it work for me.

I’m with elegua - but I’m gonna do it with an Austrian accent!

Cool Idea, Patricia.

  1. To draw closer to God.
  2. To be a better Husband, Father, Brother, and Son.
  3. To drop below 15% BF
  4. To learn something completley different. (I was thinking of trying my hand at some Spanish classes)

I want to succeed on Fat Fast with admirable results.

I want to show my family and friends how much I love them.

I want to finish writing my book.

I want to get down to 15% bf.

I want Pugs and my relationship to continue to grow strong…maybe there will be an engagement in the next year…

Yeah, good idea Patricia wink - I wonder where you got this idea.

Here are a couple of my goals:

1. Read through the Bible completely

2. Reach a body weight of 215-220

3. Reach and maintain whatever body fat percentage I need to clearly see my abs.

4. Move into a career where I can survive by teaching, strength coaching and training.

5. Be in a position to have kids by 2004.

Just a start, but those are a few of the biggies.

Hmmm … interesting …

  1. Reach 185 at 8-10% bf.
  2. Purchase my own home.

  3. Pay off all debt other than home, car, student loan.
  4. Become more satisfied with my own performance at work.

Goals for 2003 would be:

  1. Continue my trend to become closer with GOD.
  2. Propose to my 4 year-long girlfriend.
  3. Go from 195lbs --> 205-210lbs with < 8-9% BF
  4. Rep out a 1,000 lb leg press (been a goal from day 1, and now since I’m closer, I think I should be able to do it in early 2003)
  5. Dominate school while after 2 1/2 years of being in Computer Engineering, I’m now going into Exercise Science. Core GPA of ~ 3.5.

Like always, there are more, but those are my big ones.

I hope you have signed the King Conan petition!

goals huh? well:
To reach 210-215 and around 8-9% bf (Im 195 now) NATURALLY :slight_smile: Then, try to stay sane because my girl’s in the Army National Guard and got activated to Afganistan. Good time to bulk up!!! Keep my friends close, and to get some decent grades in college this semester. For now, thats it.

Hey there…

Yeah, good idea with this thread. Here’s my goals:

1: finishing this comp sci education. (Hopefully it’s overwith in April)

2: Start getting in better cardio vascular shape, so I’ll prolly run 3 times per week from April to August. (I’ll be joining the army in August and I want to be prepared).

3: Try to figure out what my next career step will be before my military service ends.

Tata, oblivion.

Oh yeah one more thing…

3: I need to find a nice girlfriend ;-]

  1. Find a job.
  2. Travel some.
  3. Stay tight with my friends.
  4. Physical goals - get bodyweight less than 185 around 6% BF, maintain 1350 total, 1 mile <6 min, 2 mi<14:30, 6 mi<48 min.
  1. Pull down a quarter mil.
  2. Learn to ride a goddamn horse, so I can spend more time with my wife, Ellie-Mae Clampet.
  3. Launch my 2nd son into life with all he needs to succeed.
  4. Take first in weekly 8-ball tournament at least 25% of the time.