Your Go-To Volume Foods?

I’m sure this has been a post in the past and if so please direct me there but what is some of y’alls GO TO volume foods?
Something not really too caloric but will fill you up?
How do you prepare them? What do you eat them with? Etc.

Let me know! I want to try new some new things!



Beautiful! Hadn’t thought of that!

Writing it on my shopping list now.

Eggs and egg whites. Egg omelets of all sorts. Egg scrambled with veggies and meat. Of course as said already veggies all day long.

Oranges and fresh pineapple chunks.

They do have some sugar which should be accounted for if that is important to you.

Fresh pineapple chunks dipped in sriracha is da bomb. Put that on your list.

Any bean or legume variety keeps me full longest

I have never heard of this! I wouldn’t think that would be a good mix!
I will definitely be trying this!

Especially during contest preps I love making YUGE salads. An entire bag of butter lettuce is 20cal, like 2g of fiber. Then toss in lean lunch meat like turkey or roast beef, a bunch of vegetables and some 0 cal dressing like Walden Farms. Full for hours on ~150 calories. If your macros allow you to add some cheese and/or bacon for fats, even better.

Ezekiel Bread french toast is another good one, soaked in egg whites. Top with 0 cal Walden Farms maple syrup. 2 slices for 160cals plus a little protein from the egg whites. 3 slices is only 240 cals.


I’m nowhere near contest ready. I just find myself hungry around 8:30, eat at 11, then hungry again around 1:30.
I’m interested in finding filling foods and different ways to make so i stop myself from being hungry at work. A big salad sounds like a great idea!
I’m definitely going to try the french toast this weekend, thanks for your input!

Oh, it may not be for everybody. It’s sweet, hot, and tangy all in the same bite, and not at all mild. Awesome with chicken.

Cherry tomatoes
Baby Carrots
Hard boiled eggs

If you’re lazy, you can buy those things already cut, washed and ready to eat.

Oatmeal is dense and filing. In a bowl, breakfast style. Or tossed into protein shakes to make them heavier.

My standard method:

-buy bags of frozen
-steam in steamer or microwave (use a glass bowl, not plastic)
-top with butter and/or coconut oil

Big azz salads are another total game-changer. Though I no longer consider (processed) lunch meats as a legit food source; instead, I’ll go with leftover chicken/steak, canned tuna, boiled eggs etc

Awesome french toast recipe, thanks for that.

Ya, I’ve been eating entire bags of steamed veggies (mostly broccoli) with lunch. It fills you up pretty good.

Canned Pumpkin add some Splenda, All Spice and Cinnamon. Honestly my favorite thing to eat tastes just like pumpkin pie :smiley: a bowls worth is only 15g carbs and most of that is fiber. You can sneak a serving of low fat whipped​ cream in there also if your feeling glutinous​:pig2:

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I’m the same way. I’ve recently rediscovered hard boiled eggs. I’ll eat 4 to 6 at a time and feel more full than after eating one of my regular meals.