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Your Front Sqt vs Back Sqt Frequency?


I mostly did front squats because I think that contributes most to the clean. But then it doesn't load the legs (body) as greatly as back squats, at least in theory. So now I'm thinking about how often I should do front and back squats. Because I have no problem front squatting (my FS max is approx. 90% of my BS max), I'm thinking about 1:2 of FS vs BS frequency ratio. Is it good enough for a beginner lifter?

How often do you FS compared to BS?


5 times a week I do this for legs right now

1 set of 50 bodyweight squats

4 sets of 10 135 overhead squats

6 sets of 4 225 front squat

8 sets of 6 315 back squat

10 sets of 4 405 deadlift


That's a lot of volume! I usually do 6x3 of squats 3 times a week.


I work up to a 1RM for the given training day 6x a week plus some back off sets of 2-3 reps with 20kg less than the day's max.
I don't front squat


Why don't you front squat?


FS 1:2 BS is a pretty good ratio.


I alternate front and back squat every session and find it works well. Currently been using 10 rep sets for back squat and 6 rep sets for front squat. This way, each squat benefits the other and breaks up the monotony of the lifts.

My schedule looks like this over a 2 week period:

Back squat 3x10

Front squat 3x6

Back Squat 3x10

Front squat 3x6

Back squat 3x10

Front squat 3x6


I'm doing the program that John Broz said he would have people do if they didn't have time to train 15x a week like Pro Olympic lifters.
The program is, work up to a daily max in the Snatch, C&J and Squat 6x a week, and after the max set of squats drop the weight 10-20kg down and do a couple of sets of 2-3.
So Front Squats just aren't part of the program.

Also my 1RM Back Squat is 125kg which needs to improve so I think it's good to focus on that for general strength levels.
Plus my jerks aren't heavy enough yet where to clean the weight I need to do a squat clean.


Why are you squatting in the higher rep range opposite from what I've seen that most people use only 3-5 reps?



I think the back squat contributes as much or more to the clean for two major reasons: 1)you handle much more weight and 2)you learn to drive out of the bottom position more efficiently(butt, then quads). Also, I think getting up from cleans gives o. lifters a lot of front squat work.

I usually have lifters train 3 days per week on squats and use about a 4:1 ratio of backs to fronts. And, I feel the front squat 1RM should be about 80% of the back squat max for lifters. I also feel that the max deadlift (from the clean set positi on) should be aboiut equal to the max back squat.

My wife, Suzanne Leathers, for instance, always did many more backs than fronts and never, ever had trouble getting up from cleans. Her max clean was 127kgs as a 75kg lifter.



Thank you for your input, coach McCauley!

So far two coaches and some others have said that the back squat should be emphasized.