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Hey guys. I basically lurk the logs like crazy, looking at ppl like Bug, Delta, Ebomb, Gregron, Ashy, Hlss, ect, for information and motivation like everyday. So I figured I'd join in the fun, and maybe push myself even more, knowing others can potentially look at, and therefore laugh, at my lack of muscle and/or strength.

I grew up tall and lanky. Going into my junior year of high school, I was about 6'2" or 3", and a whopping 140 lbs (with RIPPED ABZZ). I played basketball my first two years, and ran track and XC sophomre and junior year. I'm naturally inclined towards endurance, my first year running I was able to get my mile time down to 4:49, but didn't really have a passion for it. Christmas my junior year I think, my parents got me a weight set, and I joined T-Nation a bit after, but there was only about 115 lbs of weight, and basically came on here and Men's Health (lulz) for 'circuits', becasue beig ripped was al I cared about.

My senior year I quit sports to get a job at Kroger, where I basically ran around the store all day stocking stuff or in the dairy dept. Having a raging metabolism and basically doing cario for 35 hrs of the week during work, at going to school 40 hours a week, I had to eat ALOT to get to a hyyyooogeee 190 lbs (lol) at graduation. My diet was atrocious, basically eating nothing but eggs and cottage cheese (like 6 cups a day, i stole it while in the dairy cooler), some days getting in 400g of protein, but less then 100 grams of fat and carbs! But I didnt know better, so whatever. Also around this time, I got a real gym membershi and a car. The gym was awesome, but as soon as I got there and saw all the fancy machines, I basically stopped using a Barbell, and went machines and Db's. Stupid

I went to college after that, and had a real nice gym, but first semester killed me. I wasn't use to the workload school wise, I lost a bestfriend of 6 years in a ridiculous argmument, finacially I had to live off 20 dollars a week, and my long-term GF and I had a horrible 'slump' in our realtonship. WHile I stayed consistent in the gym, and actually ate clean 90%, I went from a super energetic teen, to someone who basically lifted for an hour, then sat in his dorm sulking the rest of the time. The gym was the only thing that made me happy, and 'progress' to me was measured in lbs on the scale, not the bar sadly, and I got up to a soft 230 by that spring (soft as in between 15-20% bf. I know to some thats not crazy, but my whole like I've been very lean, always 12% under, and I always feel better in that range). I finally found an awesome job, and 'figured out' how college worked, and realized that I was fooling myself with the 'muscle' I had put on.

I found the LeanGains way of eating, and it worked perfect for me. I was able to get down to a lean 200-205 over the summer, so I guess progress WAS made (60 lb gain) in the last year and a half of good training, just not as musch as I could have. The picture shows a little snippet of where I'm at, just so ppl know I do kinda actually workout. lol


Legs 1 8/16/11

Squats: warmups.... then
170x 3
200x 3
220x 3
175x 10

Front V-squat: saw these online, wanted to test them out, liked them
1ppsx 6
+25 x 6
2ppsx 10

Legs Curls:

Back extensions and abs. Dont use a lot of exercises on leg day, just really focus on increasing weight on the first movement, then getting a good pump the next exercise, then a good stretch on the hammie curls. Good day though, feels good to keep getting stronger


Had a huge long post telling about my training, but must have got lost... well for a quick rewrite, first 1.5-2 years, did circuit training, lots of supersets, didnt flat bench or squat because Dorian Yates didnt prefer them. lol.

Got to college, did Big Beyond Belief, really built me up mentally, found out that my back and legs grow much easier then chest and arms.

Spring time this year, started using KingBeef's 6 day, push/pull/legs split from his "do this routine..." thread, really love it. Still using it now, though I realized my lack of focus when it came to actual linear progression on the BAR left me pretty weak for my bodyweight, so I use the 5/3/1 percentages, knocked it down by 5% for 7/5/3 type thing, and use that as a way to GUARENTEE I'm getting stronger everyworkout. I use those on push and leg days (back seems to progess without planned periodization) on Fat Bar bench, sumo DL,Fat Bar incline bench, and sumo DL. Making alot of progress lately, and might try to not push bodyweight again until strength ratio is better (bench 1.5 x BW, squat and DL 2 x BW)


Push 2: 8/17/11

Incline Bench: warmups....then

DB Bench:
40'sx 6
55'sx 6
70'sx 7

Lateral Dropsets: I do the bottom 1/3 ROM, then the Middle 1/3 ROM, then a full ROM
50's x 15, 40'sx 10, 30'sx12
x 12, x 7 x10

Shrugs on Calf Machine: Pause at bottom, 2 second hold at top
250x10 (stack)

Rear Delt raises:

Close Grip Dips:
BW x 4
+15x 4
+25x 4

Overall Good session, really cooncentrate on EXPLODING with my first few sest of each pressing movements. DB presses are my worst nightmare. Lol. Idk what it is about them, but the progress I make on them, even back when I threw out all BB pressing for them, is horrible. Seems like my stabilization blows, and as I result I feel it ALL in my front delts unless I really concentrate on stretching at the bottom, pausing, then a hard SQUEEZE at the top. If I ever press the 100's for a reasoable amount of reps, I'll pry shit myself. lol

Also, I'm suppose to go back to college in the next few days for RA training, and sadly I'll be working 7am-4pm everyday, and in a 3 hour meeting every night 7pm-10, and the campus gym is closed that week sadly :frowning: . This will be my first week not going to the gym in probably 6 months, so it'll probably be good to finally have a 'deload', maybe come back a bit stronger. I know I'll be going crazy about 3 days in, feeling like me musklees iz catabolizin'!!!! UGH! so for any random person who checks on this log, dont be thinking I'm slacking! haha


What's up man?

So what are your goals? Do you have any milestones that you're shooting for? I'll be following along for sure. The "doload" week might be good for you. Maybe you could just hit dome pushups in your room and pullups if you find a bar somewhere to stay a little active. Nothing wrong with a little break here and there :slightly_smiling:


Gregron's folowing my log, OMG!!! haha. Thanks for following.

Well, my goals, overall are bodybuilding realted, or they were early on. All i really ever worried about was putting on SIZE. Sadly, that resulted in me not concentrating on getting STRONGER( dumb, I know), and I found out in the last year I'm not naturally someone who can just warmup, ramp to a top weight on a free weight movement, and just beat it the next week in weight or reps without some planning (5/3/1 percentages). IDK, but I just dont make the same drastic strength increases others get from just 'getting' in the work, if that makes sense. I just need 'planned progression' i suppose. lol

Right now, my short term goal is to get my bench, squat, and DL too 300, 400, 400, while staying at around 200 lbs. I know thats weird, and if I gain some muscle that'll be fine, I just think I didnt focus on strength for so long, i need to have strength similar to like what you have, before I'll be able to really put on a great deal of muscle. IF that sounds dumb tell me, please. lol

Yea, I figured I may take a week, and try to learn that single leg squat thingy that they posted an article about earlier. Just for shits and giggles. And I'm brining a doorway pullup bar for the reason you mentioned


Goals sound good. If you're concentrating on strength gains (5/3/1) but you're eating the right stuff/amount you'll put on muscle so I wouldn't worry about that too much.

Why did you decide to go with a "bastardized" version of 531 instead of doing it the way it's written?


The reason for the bastardization is, honestly, I'm 19, have no real stress (bills, kids, ect), and have the ability to eat as many calories as I need to eat, so I'd rather lifting 3-4 days a week, as oppose to 6. And honestly, I REALLY love lifting. I look forward to it everday, so I'd rather lift almost everday, then not. I like the push/pull/legs split better, also, becasue honestly, my muscles usually aren't sore for more then 2 days after getting worked, so waiting a full 7 days to hit it again, just seems silly. I mean, when I'm at a higher level of strength, like you or Ebomb or someone, yeah, lifting less frequently will be a must due to the damage from that type of weight, but I dont feel like I'm at the level of 'needing' that much recovery yet, if that makes sense. lol

Basically I just needed SOME sort of planned progression, and Wendler's seemed the simplest. DO you think this may be a bad idea?? I know many ppl say dont mix-and-match, and you obviously have alot of expereince on me, so if you have advice, feel free. lol


Made my first 'legit' (lke thawed it out, put seasoning on it, ect) meal in college, because this year I dont have a meal plan thingy. Its porkchops and broccoli cheddar rice. Nothing crazy, but big accomplishment for me. lol. The gym opens up Monday, but this week is only open 8pm-11pm, so I gotta just hope my schedule works for me.


Push 1 8/22/11

Flat Bench: warmups then

Machine Incline Press: (one arm at a time): back at university gym, feels weird but whatever
each arm

DB OH extention: probably going to switch to EZ bar with this, new DBS slip easily when sweaty
65x7 (slipped outta hand)

Pushdowns dropset shit

Short workout, will be net few days. Been uber busy, as an RA Im doing like this huge program for dorm freshmen, so I'm undereating, under sleeping, and doing shit all day. Gym dont open til 8 at night this week (campus fully opens next week), so it kind of blows, and Im super tired. So i went in, got the PR on my 7- day for bench, then fucked around and left.


I am a big fan of having "beginners" stick with a designed program and I think a progression based program like 531 is great. I was just wondering why you were doing a 753 instead of 531? thats all


Interesting... lol.

So, am I inferring correctly that you do Push/Pull/Legs then repeat that every week?


Greg- be real with me, you think what Im doing is a bad idea?? lol. I honestly dont care about 1 rep max or anything, just kind of needed some kind of progression. If you were training me, what would you do??

Blaze- yea, thats exactly what I do. Ive creeped on your log, I think you do something similiar, correct? btw, i envy your avi. Back width is a ridiculous weakness for me. lol


Gotcha. I do something somewhat similiar.

Thanks man. It just comes from moving heavy weigth and having a good MMC with my back while doing so. You'll get there soon enough.

In regards to your conversation with Greg, I'm more in favor of doing a split without a set progression when you start lifting. The reasoning being: 5/3/1 has you progress like 10lbs a month on the big lifts and like 5lbs a month on bench, right? At least for a while, personal progress is likely going to be faster than that, and you'd only be limiting your rate of progression. That's just my thoughts on the matter, sorry Greg lol.


Blaze- thats what I thought too, and idk if its a mental thing, or I just have shitty genetics, but it neer seemed to work for me. I kept a log book always, trying to PR everytime, it just seemed like I'd stall so quick, and never make those big strength jumps everyone else seems to get. I kind of got the 'beginner' size gains, just never the strength gains. Any workout partner I've ever had has said I look alot stronger then I actually am. lol


I suppose if Greg and Blaze think you're cool I do to.

What up homie? You, uh, like pain?


Rock- Nice to have you here, man. And ohh yea, pains my middle name...


I dont think what you're doing is a bad idea... I was just wondering why you upped the reps to 753 rather than 531.

I see what Blaze is saying about "limiting your strength gains" but I dont really see it that way. If you're goal is bigger numbers and building a good base strength level then I think a program like 531 is good. You're not really "limiting" your strength gains. the only thing that is regulated is your prescribed sets for the big 3(4) but you're last set is always for max reps so you're not limiting your strength at all IMO. You keep getting more weight up and more reps... you just have a base of what to start with ya know?


Greg- yea, that made since to me too. I just wanted something to do that would have progression built into it. Hopefully it works out, I'm getting considerably stronger every week, so I'll run it til I stall at least. lol

Push 2: 8/26/11

Incline Bench:

DB Flat Bench: I hate this movement. I get a deep stretch and squeeze, and it swells up my chest, but the weight I can use for it varies week to week, and idk why!!!

Lateral Dropset
50's x 15, 40'sx 8, 30'sx14
x 15, x 9 x13

DB shrugs:

25x 4

Had to skip back and legs because of school shit. Luckily the hectic part of the first week for freshmen is over, so I'm back on schedule. Got a workout partner, one of my residents. Good former HS football player (starter for team that won state multiple times). Black guy, similar build as me, strength levels pretty equal, though hes MUCH more explosive, and years of football got his pressing and legs a bit stronger then mine, but i got him on pulling movements. Hopefully he sticks with it, because intensity was alot higher with a partner


Legs 2: 8/28/11

Sumo DL's: Crappy plates crappy gym = shitty DL

Leg Press: New machine, basically trying to gauge how much weight I could use

Single Leg Curl: Pause at top, deep stretch at bottom

abs and shit

I had work all day, like 9-5, and gym was only open 11-4 this Saturday for a retarded reason, so missed pull day AGAIN!!! Anyways, legs was tough, this gym has those hexagon plates, and the people are real anal about DL's and how loud the weights are during each rep, so the DL's were quite choppy. Kinda made me tweak my lower back adjusting the bar posiion very rep due to the plates, and ideas on how to DL with them without complete shittiness being the result? Love having a workout partner, only thing is with 2 ppl, its naturally more fast paced, which I like, but it seems that it knocks a rep off some exercises. Oh well, Ill get use to it, and having a partner FAR outweights not having one.