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Your Footwear for Squats/Deads?


As of right now I go barefoot for both while training and wear wrestling shoes while competing. I was just wondering what opinions are out there about other footwear


I understand a lot of people use the Vibram Five Fingers. I myself use a poor mans version. It is a "water sock" or "pool sock" from a company called Body Glove. They cost around $10 at Academy sporting goods in the flip flop section. The sole is very thin and the upper is very stretchy which is good if you have wide feet like I do.


I've got an old pair of puma's that have a real flat/thin sole


Tough to go wrong with a pair of high top Chuck's for both (laced up for the squat, don't lace the top 1-2 holes for deadlift). Looking at Olympic shoes/PL boots for squats, though. From what I hear, not good for medium to wide stance squatters though, so that might be out depending on your stance (unless somebody who squats wide with Oly shoes cares to weigh in).


Risto "White Thunder II" for squats and Samba's for deadlifts.


I wear these moccasin slipper things that I got on sale a while ago. the sole is just a thin peice of material, but it's very grippy on the bottom, kind of like hospital socks.

people tend to look at me a little wierd when I enter the gym in my slipper, but then look different when they see a lean dude pulling 450 for reps on deads.

I hate to see people trying to squat low-bar in Asics or whatever running shoe, but hey, at least they're squatting, which is better than most of the people in the gym...


converse high tops --- for coolness


Chuck Taylor, classic.


I've worn wrestling shoes before for the deadlift, was wearing chucks for the longest and I still wear them for the squat but I just started going DL socks for pulling conventional because I don't need much traction. In the sumo I'm pushing outwards and I don't want to do the splits.




I wear Chuck's because shoes are required in the weight room and I like their look so I can wear them all the time. Course, I also deadlift in cargo shorts so comfort is kinda a big thing for me.

k, I'm just lazy.


Oly shoes FTMFW on squat. Even Wendler recommended them recently. I like Wrestling shoes for DL though.


Vibrams or barefoot. But Im am contemplating purchasing some Chucks just for the hell of it to try.




high top chucks for squats and vibrams for deads


I deadlift barefoot and squat in an old pair of Timberlands. The Timberlands have almost no give so my feet never move around and they stay in the same place. And I like the raised heel, they're just comfortable.





I hate vibrams. Maybe they have some amazing grip/use/whatever, but at my university gym theres always 3-5 douchebags wearing them doing curls talking about how AMAZING the shoes are. Maybe these dicks just ruined them for me, but I can't take them seriously.


I agree about the vibrams. I was reading an article by Dan John where he talked about how awesome the vibrams were which made me think about buying them, but every time I step into the gym, there's a bunch of idiots wearing them who don't squat, deadlift, or run and I tell myself I will never buy them.


Thats exactly why I dont like wearing them now. I feel like a douchebag when I do. The only time I give it a thought is during squats or deads. Upper body training, I use some underarmour shoes I was given.