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First at all, sorry fot my bad english. This is unfortunately not my language.

So I opened this thread to say how I love the way Americans considere their flag. I'm coming from Switzerland and the other day I was talking with friends and saying I want to put a Swiss flag on my house. They laughed and said that the neighbourhood would take me like an old bastard. The worst is thats it's exactly the mind in Switzerland, especially in the cities. "Be patriot for yourself!"

United State are really great, you can be grateful for what your country makes for you and showing it!


And yet some are so anal about it they feel the compelling need to throw people's asses in jail if they desecrate the flag.

I can't believe there's even debate on this.


I have a flagpole on my yard. I follow the calendar and rise the flag when the calendar says so. Sometimes I hoist the flag up to mark a family celebration. Hopefully I'm not ever going to be the person who has to rise it only halfway up.



I suggest that you forget what other people say and raise the Swiss flag proudly over your house!

It is good to love your country -- especially when the country is fee, peaceful, and friendly to other nations.


Friendly to other nations.
That's why you hang your flag in shame?

@ Pers.
The US have a lot you can compliment them with. Their childish flagwaving is not one of those things.
And please, don't encourage them.


childish? i think you're the one that needs to grow up...


Are you so ashamed of your own country that you can't list it on your profile?


I fly my flag for the 4th of July, Veterans Day, 9/11, Flag Day and a few other holidays.

Fly your flag proudly if you want to.

Don't listen to the naysayers. They are too busy looking, acting and dressing like each other to prove they are non-conformists.


I'm from Belgian. Nothing to be proud about. My parents happened to live there when I was born.

There are a couple of things I'm proud about though. Things I've accomplished in life.

Do you NEED to feel proud about the country that you happened to be born in?


I'm proud of the country that i choose to live in.


What about Nazi Germany? they were patriotic


Humans find strength in numbers, always have, always will. No matter how much of an individualist you are you can't do everything on your own.

In our current point in history the world is composed of nation states. These are our "tribes" from which we gain strength.

Whether you like it or not, that's the current world in which we live. Of course you can have pride in yourself, family, etc.... But would it really hurt you to have some pride in your tribe also? I mean, fuck it, might as well, right?

Some people get hung-up on the word "pride". How about showing thankfulness to your tribe instead? Yes, the US has caused some other people some problems. But you what? It's also given me an exceptional life! I'm on the lower crust of society (for now) and yet I still live an amazing life. Then there's also that whole opportunity thing that many other tribes don't get.

So instead of pride, how about being thankfull, and stand-up for your tribe once in awile?


well said


Yeah! And Hitler had immigration laws, too! GET RID OF BUSH!


Lots of flag waving there.


I think it's more rational to be proud of the country of which you're a citizen, particularly if you vote, participate in civic life and try to effect good things (in your own opinion) there than it is to be proud of what color you happen to be or your ethnic heritage.


I think it would be great to fly the Swiss flag. Proper protocol would require you to fly the U.S. flag on top of the Swiss flag


Sorry I thought you were in America


Incorrect. National Flags are to be raised to the same level.

"When flown with the national banner of other countries, each flag must be displayed from a separate pole of the same height. Each flag should be the same size. They should be raised and lowered simultaneously. The flag of one nation may not be displayed above that of another nation."



I stand corrected Thank you