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Your Five Most Integral Exercises?

So you know how lots of coaches have their five most integral exercises
Thibs I believe are:

  1. Back squat
  2. Bench Press
  3. Power Snatch
  4. Deadlift
  5. Power Clean and Push Press

What are your five most integral exercises? If possible could you give a list of your five hypertrophy exercises and five strength exercises?
I would suspect you would remove the deadlift as you say it is not a great muscle builder. Also, the power snatch and power clean, I never really see you doing these movements on your Instagram, so I would suspect you to remove them.

Thanks a lot.

Lat pulldowns
Arnold press
Loaded carry

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Are you saying this would be Paul’s choice?

Not Paul, But from my reading he likes

Chest supported rows, RDLs or Dorian deads for back/hams, supinated pulldowns for lats, PJR pullovers, behind the neck press, and lunges

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Honestly I like certain ones for ME. But people need to figure out what movements best fit their own structure for their goals.

For example, if we’re talking about building quads, then regular barbell squats are a no go for me. But you’d be hard pressed to find an article that tells you to seek out what movements are best for your structure, and usually just list the usual ones, i.e. "squats for legs, deadlifts for back (again, nevermind that the deadlift is a shit movement for training the upperback and lats), bench pressing, overhead press (again nevermind that the overhead press isn’t really a great option for pure delt hypertrophy).

For my own structure…

Chest -
Standing cable flyes emphasizing a deload in the lengthened position and more loading in the shortened position
Hammer strength incline / neutral grip incline db press

Shoulders -
Incline db laterals (facing the bench, not with your back on it which is mechanically bad)
Front Raises (mainly for traps as it gets them fully shortened)
rear delt rows

Triceps -
Crossbody extensions
PJR pullovers

Biceps -
db preacher curls on the vertical side of the pad
cable curls (independent handles with a slight forwards lean to emphasize the lengthened position)

Quads -
Leg extensions

Hams and Glutes -
Split squats
Glute leg press with bands

Lats -
Lat rows and proper lat pulldowns

Upperback -
barbell rows
upperback pulldowns
Hammer low to high angled row emphasizing the short and then long positions

That’s my “five”.


This is something I have taken from Paul. Flat bench does zero for my chest but incline and dips work my pecs well. Back and zercher squats do zero for quads for me but front squats, leg presses, and hacks do.

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Kind of sideways to the original question but until recently squats weren’t something that I felt much in my quads. Now, especially with closer stance squats I absolutely feel my quads and they get a bigger pump than I’ve ever felt before. The only two changes are I brace better and I’m bigger.

It seems to follow a bit of a trend, because I get better pumps and feel muscles better overall now and the only real change is more size. I have spent some time working on feeling the muscles work in my back and arms but this increased pump and feeling suddenly appeared around a month ago. It’s great, but surprising.

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Chest: Incline Press with a wide grip
Ham/Glutes: Trap Bar RDL
Quad: Landmine Hack squat butt to heels higher reps
Back: Bent over Row to navel
Shoulders: upright row to nipple line

Throw in some curls and triceps extensions