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Your first DOMS experience


Jesse and I were talking yesterday during our workout and started to reminisce about the good ol days. You know, starvation diets were the best way to lose body fat, crunches spot reduce, etc.

Then we started to talk about our very first experience with DOMS. I mean the kind where you couldn't even move the next day without thinking you were gonna die.

I had gotten back home from my first semester at college and I wanted to lose some weight. I wanted to hook up with some of the honeys at school. Anyways, I went for a little run. Now, up until this time, I had never worked out in my life. My parents, being the strict asian parents that they are, wanted my to study my ass off. Anyways, I jogged half a mile and sorta walk jogged the last half mile. That's right, couldn't even finish a freakin mile.

Well, the next morning, I couldn't sit up, couldn't get out of bed and when I finally rolled out of bed, I'll be damned if I could barely even walk!

It hurt when I coughed, sat down, laughed.... basically I was as useless as a bag of shit.

Ah, the good ol days.

Anyone else remember their first experience with DOMS?


10 sets of bench press followed by 10 sets of flies followed by 3 sets of clapping push ups!!!!!!! Pain incarnate!!!


I was 12 i guess. And no i dont remember.


I remember i always used to train abs here and there, nothing special. One day I decided that I would totally blitz them; I'm talking like 30 minutes of high intensity weighted movements for the first twenty minutes, with little rest. The last ten minutes i could barely do anything, but I kept going. Now remember I hadn't really trained my abs before...

For the next three days it felt like I was going to puke if I tried to sit up or twist my waist. My entire abdominal region was sore to the touch.

Unfortunately, after much training and my body acquiring itself to resistance training it's hard to get DOMS anymore. I mean yeah I'm still sore, but rarely can I ever get as sore as the beginning days. Sorta sucks... as hellish as the pain is, I like it.


don't kid yourself, you're just a useless bag of shit that's in shape now. just kidding, I know what you mean though. I'm sure everyone can remember the days after doing their first heavy set of squats.


The first time that sticks out in my mind was the time I decided to do a shitload of squats, then a shitload of front squats, then I decided to do Frog Hops at the end of the exercise (yeah, I used to read Muscle Media). Now granted, I had barely done very much squat work at all up until that point.

I was sore for a whole damn week. I could barely walk.


Hahahah.... all pretty funny.

Yeah, I can remember the first time I did drop sets on squats. Shit, started with 185 for 8 and just kept dropping 10 pounds until I had just the bar.

Man, what a freakin idiot.


Junior High. German Volume Training. I was late to all my classes because I couldn't walk fast enough through the hallway...


Really young and I got kicked in the sack. Didn't hurt at first but man I tell you the pain in about 10 sec was insane! F your wimpy squat workouts a kick in the balls hurts much more! Oh delayed onset "muscle" soreness. Oh nevermind. :wink:


Holy shit....

Gettin kicked in the gonads does hurt.

But, you ever get it caught by the zipper?