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Your Fight Entrance Song


for me probably one of the following...

Choice 1:
"you know the rules, and so do i"

Choice 2:
"if he actin like a bitch we gon' treat him like a bitch"

Choice 3:
"Go to sleep bitch, die mothafucka die!"

Choice 4:
"Whoop that trick!"

Choice 5:
"You're the best!"

Best MMA Entrance Music
Pick Your Walk Out Song

I have all of these songs on my mp3 player for when I train

all but the first one and for that well umm ya thanks.

mine would be this one

the anime is dumb but the song is great


Saigon- C'mon Baby


I'm not a fighter currently. But if I ever returned to MA and decided to compete (thinking about it), I'd enter to either

a) Hand of Doom by ManOWar

you can take or leave the anime. Sorry. But it IS SF 2 :slight_smile:

b) Sleepwalker by Megadeth

Gets good after 30s. I'd just cut the front 30s off.

c) Play for Blood by Megadeth

d) Die with your Boots on by Iron Maiden

e) then there's Number of the Beast by Maiden. Can you imagine entering to that scream?


1.) Fade to Black by Metallica

2.) Bat Country by Avenged Sevenfold


I haven't thought a lot about it it, but this one would be in the rotation.

Crazy Train by Black Sabbath


Here is a great one by Saliva:



I don't know a damn thing about fighting. This will probably be the last post I make here. The only combat experience I have is in Fencing.

But if I were to have a theme song before a fight, it would have to be "Kill Us All" By Twista. Seriously. Go Listen to that.


Who we be by DMX


You guys really get pumped by listening to rap?

Demon Hunter - Not Ready to Die

Hatebreed - I Will be Heard


That is my SHIT on guitar hero 3 ... def. like that one lol



Gentlemen...welcome to entrance music 101.

1/Rage against the machine...renegades of funk.

2/Anything by the prodigy

3/Beastie Boys - Body Moving (fatboy slim remix) before it gets all lyrical..so only the first minute and a bit.

Jeez, get some flair fella's. I'd refuse ya'll a UFC contract just based on your requested entrance music. :wink:


Best entrance song ever:

Many say they would like to be at their own funeral. Well, this is the music you'd hear. :wink:


There was a sick Mike Tyson highlight set to this song: http://youtube.com/watch?v=EZX198DLNz0

One of the best 54 seconds of any song.


Korn- Coming Undone


Battery by Metallica is the best there could be.


I'm planning on eventually becoming a professional boxer and when I enter I'll probably have something cheesy like Never Gonna Give You Up just because rap is so overdone and trying to sound "hard", "badass", whatever, is also overdone.

I'm sure everyone jokes about having laid back or silly intro music but very few people use it. I probably would because it'd be a funny change for a lot of people. If I became well known and it affected some special "image" I'm supposed to be marketing myself with I guess I'd conform with some generic gangster rap or something.


I'm Too Sexy - Right Said Fred.

My objective would be to scare my opponent with the power of the ghey.


Got to be the single most spine chilling scream in metal. And most epic.

Think about it: starts low, everybody knows somethings coming...keeps building...and building...and then Dickinson howls and the pyrotechnics burst and you step out the door ready for blood.

Yeah, I definitely like that...

UFC should have more Pride style entrances.


Holy crap that's brilliant. I'd be terrified if I didn't die from laughter first.