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Your favourite Muscle Meals


Mine is a 6-9 egg Ham, cheese and tomato Omlette.

You need:
6-9 eggs

Step 1:
Melt a small amount butter into about 100mls of Milk. Cut up all your ingredients.

Step 2: Add eggs to milk and melted butter and beat.

Step 3: Add all ingredicence to a pan and cook untill bubbles appear on top.

Step 4: Remove pan from heat and put it in a pre heated grill and cook to taste, my preference is browned.

Step 5: add to plate and eat!

p.s. most of this is really to your discretion this is just how I like it.

p.p.s. I wrote this at 2 am sorry if it seems a tad wierd.


that sounds damn good.

And to your thread, I would add a generous serving of homemade chili (there are some GREAT recipes in this very forum) with a tall pint of cold milk as one of my favorite staples.


Ok, I made this earlier except I din't have tomatoes so I substituted sliced cucumbers and avocado. Turned out pretty good, I took a picture of it. Ill upload it later.


Chipotle Burrito (Double Steak, +Guacamole)


3 Scoops Whey, 2 Cups Whole Milk, 5tbsp sugar, 6 eggs

Om nom nom


yes, burritos are the best food ever. rice, meat, spices and beans all wrapped up. im suprised mexicans are generally such small people, they have good food to get big.


Well,my friend,that depends on which "Mexicans" you're referring to....and what area of Mexico their gene pool originated. You never dissapoint to say something ignorant....no matter how mild and off topic. Carry on ;D


Whole chicken meal from El Pollo Loco, or Juan Pollo.

I miss Southern CA. so fucking much........


What you sayin' there, brotha? We got these latino groups running part of town here (Orale bitches'.......and some of them are way bigger than some of our own pushers.


Meat pie

1 large frozen pie crust

enough ground beef to fill the pie

spices, salt, pepper

2 large eggs

1 large onion

mix meat, spices, s&p, eggs, and onions together, cook till about 2/3 done

place meat in pie crust and cook in oven until done

Add gravy


5 Jr. Bacon Cheesburgers from wendys.

100g protein, 1600 calories