Your Favourite Indulgence?

So I just finished reading a thread there and some dude was wondering about whether or not he should eat a cookie or two at an office party!
My stance on Indulgence food is clear, not every day off, but say, one in 4 is deserved and should be done for general well being.

So, with that said whats the favourite thing you like to munch on guilt free?

Me myself!? I’m a sucker for Ben & Jerrys Cookie Dough…and If I’m really feeling like a fat shit I’ll go all out, bake some home made muffins, put two of 'em in the oven and two dollops of vanlla ice cream and your set!

Hugely Satisfying!!

I’d have to say pizza is my favorite.

Chocolate chip muffins from Tim Horton’s. That’s about it.


Chocolate Chip muffins, I’m feeling that! I aint the biggest drinker, get nervous and panucky as shit the day after I ahve a few…not worth it

KFC!!! Burger King and McDonalds too but KFC tops the list…

Monkey Bread

Gibanica (pronounced gih-bah-nee-tsa)

[quote]PozzSka wrote:
Gibanica (pronounced gih-bah-nee-tsa)[/quote]

Whats that then? Sweet, savoury?

Cheesecake, pizza, or cookie dough/cookie dough ice cream.



stroopwafels. mmmmmmm

Mejicano food all the way. Homemade tortillas, red chili, enchiladas, tostadas, sopapillas, followed up by a scoop of vanilla ice cream with a slice of chocolate cake or apple pie.


Chinese food.

Especially deep friend Chinese food. Empress Chicken…

Little Cesar’s Hot-N-Ready Pizza.

I’ve eaten 3 of those things in a 12 hour period before. Those were the bad times…in the before times…

Pizza and DQ blizzards.

Endulging on chinese is also up there.

Im a mad cereal addict.

big bowl of fruit and fibre or muesli with chopped tropical fruit and low fat yogurt.

my indulgances have become somewhat more cleaner over the years but as im not very good at tolerating carbs anything made from C6H12O6 is good in my book.

chinese buffet and cheesecake were favorites

In no particular order:

-Cold Stone: Chocolate Devotion in a chocolate dipped waffle bowl, sub cake batter ice cream for chocolate and ask for another brownie. I always get a “Gotta Have It.”

-Grilled Peanut Butter and Jelly: This doesn’t seem like much of an indulgence, but being on the Anabolic Diet makes anything with CHO feel like a gift. No one grills these things and I don’t know why; it’s honestly the most underrated sandwich out there. Throwing it on the grill is the only way I can eat a PB&J now.

-Dairy Queen: Georgia Mud Fudge Blizzard. I don’t even know if they make these anymore.

-Gumby’s (pizza chain): Pokey Stix. You can find Gumby’s on a number of college campuses in the midwest. It’s basically a pizza crust, a ton of cheese, a ton of butter, and it comes with ranch and marinara. I bet you can guess what time of night these are usually consumed…

-Gumby’s: Chocolate Chip Dessert Pizza. Pastry crust, about 2 lb. of large chocolate chips, and topped off with marshmallows. I’d fight Kimbo Slice for this. These guys really know what they’re doing.

-Ditto on the Hot 'n Ready. Great bulking meal for the college student. Their thick crust is worth the extra $1, too.

-Thanksgiving Day. Enough said.

I need to stop this; these treats aren’t comin’ around until Saturday.


That Luther Burger looks damn good but check this out…